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Today’s message is all about the stories we tell ourselves about what’s going on in our world!  I had the most interesting experience in the last few days with my son.  Friday he came home from school and announced that his phone was dead.  Here’s the story that he wove for himself:

Him: “My phone is dead.  My dad is an A**hole.  He shut me down.  I’m not speaking to him until he turns my phone back on.”

Me:  “Well how will you let him know how you feel – you’ll have to talk to him in order to let him know”

Him:  “No – I’m not bending to his will – I will not speak to him – he can wait forever as far as I’m concerned.  I’ll speak to him when he get’s over himself and turns my phone back on.”

Me: “Well I’m not sure exactly how that’s going to happen – if you don’t let him know and won’t speak to him about getting your phone turned back on – I don’t see how the phone will ever get turned back on.”

Him: “I don’t care – I’m not speaking to him”

This goes on for a few days and then I go out on Sunday – when I return I find that the boy has spoken to the dad on the house phone.  He suddenly received a call on his cell from a friend and discovered his cell was back on again – so he answered the phone when the dad called.  The real story was that his dad had lost his phone in a parking lot somewhere and when he called the phone company to report it lost they shut off service to both phones.
What’s REALLY interesting to me was how quickly my son made up this whole story in his head about his dad shutting him off and being an a**hole.  How quickly do YOU jump to conclusions and make up stories in your head?  How often do you SHUT DOWN the lines of communication and are unwilling to even INVESTIGATE other possibilities for what is happening?  How many times have you JUDGED and discovered later that you grossly MISJUDGED a situation or another person?

If you have any of what we call “POB’s” (patterns of behavior) going on for you-you may be playing out an OLD story – in fact it may not even be a story from THIS LIFETIME!!! Just off the phone today with a brand new client – she was deep in panic mode after having made the decision to move forward with us in our CORE PATH – Energy Foundations for Divine Wealth Intensive.  As a signing bonus because she made the decision right on the first phone call with me I had given her a complimentary full hour with me that she could use anytime between her decision and three months from now.    Well that sure came in handy!  Part of her panic was over whether she could handle the financial commitment and still fulfill her “responsibility” to mothering her daughter.

We discovered that she was carrying not just an Old Story of her own – but she was also carrying a GENERATIONAL story – from her mother line  – AND a KARMIC Contract from a previous lifetime – In an hour we unthreaded this tangled web and transformed her story of panic, fear, apprehension, unsafety and deep need for CONTROL into a brand new Statement of Power:
I Am Wise, I am Strong, I Am Fearless, I have CHOICES!

Wowie Zowie – now there’s an SOP (Statement of Power AND Standard Operational Procedure) that I can seriously APPLAUD in a big way!  What is true for her can be true for ME too!! That’s what I LOVE about my work – I LOVE LOVE LOVE that when I do work with someone else – because in truth we are ALL one – I am healing that part of me too!  Isn’t that DELICIOUS?

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