The last few days (including yesterday when I didn’t evaluate) have been chugging along at about 4 on my energy meter.  Don’t know whether it’s the cold, the snow, the lack of extended daylight, what I’m eating  or the ebbs and flows of the global energetics and likely it’s some combination of all of the above but the last few days I’ve definitely felt more like sleeping than jumping up and down and producing stuff.

When I’m down in the four zone I can tend to get a bit lost in trivial things like sitting at the computer most of the day and being drawn into the labyrinth of Facebook, Twitter and Email and feeling like I’m just bailing my boat out with a cup instead of a bucket.  What would probably serve me better is to go lie down and take a nice nap!   Alternatively perhaps it might serve better to go do a nice little yoga routine to start to move things around a bit that have gone sluggish!  What do you do for yourself when you are down in the lower zone energetically?

Have you been tracking your own energy along with me?  I’d love to find out how that’s going for you!   I am loving the greater levels of awareness I’m bringing to my own life and work by doing this on a daily (cept for Sunday!) basis.  I have a tendency personally to overcommit when I’m energized and then to feel overwhelmed when my energies are ebbing.  So the more conscious awareness I am able to bring to my own cycles and rhythms the more effectively I can respond when asked to be a contributor or when choosing whether or not to say yes to someone who is requesting that I share my gifts and my energy with them.  The most important relationship of course is the relationship you cultivate with YOURSELF!

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