I so love Sunday’s the energy of this day is so sweet – relaxed – open – flowing.  I had an awesome yoga practice this morning after sleeping in and enjoying a leisurely awakening.  Are you awakening?  There are so many people now who are experiencing awakening that I am just filled with joy at the possibilities for co-creating a dreamy world that we have right here in front of us and for recognizing that the world that we live on is actually a place of infinite beauty.

We had a snow storm last week and the whole landscape here now is covered up with a blanket of sparkling white – beauty every where you look – the sun twinkling on the reflective surface.   It’s a special time of year here in the northeast – a time when we are invited to slow ourselves down and really align with the natural rhythm of our Mother planet.  We are invited to interrupt our “normal” flow of activities to go outside – to connect with nature – to admire the beauty and the pristine nature of a clean slate – it’s a lovely time to start the year off fresh.

I’ve been painting lately – with my hands – not using brushes at all – everything on the canvas lands there through my fingers. I did my first painting this way late in the summer of last year and was inspired to get another canvas a few weeks ago.  I finished the painting this week in between phone calls to various colleagues and working on other areas of my business.  Even though I do enjoy the beauty of all this winter white – I admit that I also have a deep desire to be somewhere for at least part of the winter months where I can experience sunshine and palm trees!  That’s what emerged out of my hands over the last few weeks – please enjoy the finished product below:

I do love my creative life.  So important to make the space for it – to open up the windows of time that allow you to be serene, relaxed, flowing and connected without a whole lot of structure.  It’s amazing what insights and creations can emerge when we let go of having to have things come about in a certain way.

May you enjoy the energy of this day – Sunday’s – in fact EVERY Day – can be filled with sacredness and wonder.


If you enjoy my painting above – you might enjoy my other work which can be found in my online gallery – if you are a reader of this blog you may notice that I’m a MULTIDIMENSIONAL being – I actually “do” a lot of different things – all of which bring me blessings and delight.  You are probably Multidimensional too!  Maybe you just haven’t unleashed that yet!  If you are interested in guidance in your own Multidimensional unfolding I have a very limited number of openings available for Multidimensional Mentoring – please fill out the application for a SEE Session form found on the tab at the top of this post and we’ll SEE if there’s a fit for us to work together.   I get a lot of applications – not everyone is a fit or will be called back for an appointment but if it’s a great fit you can be sure we’ll be in touch to schedule something with you!