Well this is actually yesterday’s morning message – it was in my head to write but never made it to the blog….
I think there is a reason for that. Yesterday I woke up and had another “morning” with my teen. We’ve been really working our relationship lately – have been since about April at a much deeper and more challenging level than ever before. My kiddo is the greatest! And…. He’s also an “Indigo” and has a very strong will and mind of his own about what he’s going to do with his life and when. We have been particularly challenged lately with getting up to go to school – it’s been not pretty around here for a LOT of mornings in the last few months.

I made a decision at the beginning of this year though – that decision was that I will be creating a SIGNIFICANTLY different reality for myself in this relationship. So the work of course for me is to disengage from the old, familiar, wornout rut of a pattern of behavior and let the chips fall where they may.

Anyway yesterday morning we had school after two snow days and  we had the morning routine start up that isn’t working. What I did after he finally went to school was I spent some time in prayer and meditation to ask for HELP again to keep me in alignment with my intention to have a significantly different experience in my relationship with my son. As I was in meditation on the yoga mat I “received” an invitation to let go of control. Now control has been another one of my lifelong issues that I’ve been working with – the first layer of that onion peeled back in 2002 during my very first visit to Kripalu Center where I had the great good fortune of attending a workshop led by Christine Warren who is an absolute angel on earth.  I just checked her website and lo and behold she’s got a Teen Program!! I’ll have to connect with her and check it out!

I received a great new Statement of Power which I’ll share with you in my next Morning Multidimensional Message (I’m in this Ultimate Blog Challenge and am trying to discipline myself to spread the wealth over several posts!  http://www.ultimateblogchallenge.com

It came just in time – since I had to “let go” of having this post done yesterday morning!  In fact I have been invited to just let go of the whole idea of dolng two posts a day to “catch up” on the challenge.  We’ll see – I do like a good challenge!

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