This post was intended for yesterday but by the end of the day my energy was down, way down!

I enjoyed Friday another new client enrolled in our Core Path – Energy Foundations for Divine Wealth Intensive so that was really a nice energy boost in the morning and I was still working with my anger statement of power along with the new control statement of power that came in the morning (which I’ll be sharing in the next post)  – working 2 new power statements simultaneously means I’m moving lots of energy.  I also had quite a busy week speaking both for events as well as in one on one conversations.  I do love my PHONE!!

One of the things that I’m noticing is that speaking a lot uses energy in a different way than writing or doing other forms of work and I’m really getting used to how my flow is now that I’m speaking so much more.  I’m glad for the opportunity to do these evals just to check in with myself!

My number for last night was 4.  Are you keeping track?  What are you discovering about yourself as you pay closer attention to your own ebbs and flows? Feel free to comment on this post!

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