Nice day!  Got up to sunshine – and another day off school so there was time to sleep in – energetically I was running about a 3 this morning – did NOT want to get up at all!!

But once I did and saw the kind of awesome day I had ahead of me my levels came up.  I spent most of the day on the phone – networking, sharing and speaking.   My noon time call with an old friend/colleague was really lovely as it turned into a DECISION on her part to join the next round of the CORE PATH – Energy Foundations for Divine Wealth Intensive.

It was so amazing to watch and track the energy on the call – she was clearly in a space of being split – part of her was raring to go – to make the significant and substantial shifts in her life and her energy that she’s been working on for years and another part was just digging it’s heels in and sending her all kinds of negative messaging – Oh you haven’t PLANNED for this – Oh this is a REALLY big investment in yourself – Oh maybe this isn’t the right TIME – Oh but how can you possibly really want to go against all you are and all you have created up until now and become a RISK TAKER!  Oh Oh Oh!!

OH MY!!! Well I’m just down right DELIGHTED to say that with the help of her “upstairs team” she was able to finally say YES I’m WORTH IT – and YES My DREAM is WORTH IT and YES I’m ready to MAKE THESE CHANGES ONCE AND FOR ALL! YES YES YES!!!
At one point in the conversation it was pretty funny – she was convincing herself that it would be OK.  Everything would be OK it would all turn out just OK.  I laughed and said Darlin – what about shifting THAT energy up a bit and imagining and dreaming that it’s all gonna turn out WAY BETTER than just plain ole OK – what about SEEING, FEELING, and KNOWING that you are going to look back on this decision that you’ve made FOR yourself and realize and EXCLAIM to anyone who’ll hear it that it was the BEST DAMN DECISION YOU EVER MADE!! That it CHANGED YOUR LIFE!  That everything turned out SPECTACULAR – MAGNIFICENT and STUPENDOUS.  We are NOT going to settle for just OK here – this is your SOUL’S CALLING.
The soul is such a beautiful thing – just beautiful – subtle too – but it ALWAYS brings us to our next level of growth.  Congrats my dear friend – you are on the SPIRAL – it’s gonna be an AWESOME journey and I’m so HONORED that you’ve chosen to allow us to guide you on it for this segment – this INITIATION where you finally declared to the UNIVERSE – I AM WORTHY!
Gonna post this day as an 8.5!

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