Today’s a BEAUTIFUL sunshiny day here in New Hampshire – there is a TON of snow out there – huge snowbanks everywhere – perfect for fort building!

No school again today – so I chose to sleep in too – it’s always a treat to have a “Snow Day” even though now I work from home full time and have for several years – it’s like a special day outside of time when we have snow days – sleeping in was really nice.

Today I am still working with the release of the anger energy – I had lots of additional dreaming last night where there were battles being fought – we often clear and release energy in the dreamtime so that we don’t have to play things out in our waking dream.  I don’t recall any specifics but I definitely was working that new affirmation that came through yesterday in the night.

What I loved about the work yesterday was that it came so quickly.  We are in accelerated times and that means when we use the bright shining light of our awareness to SURFACE something like I did yesterday with the anger – we are able to CLEAR it pretty quickly now.

Surfacing and Clearing are the S and the C in our signature SCORE process that we use to work with our clients in our CORE Path – Energy Foundations for Divine Weath Intensive.  They are the first steps to any kind of significant transformation.  The ORE in the SCORE System is where the gold starts to emerge – so I’m really excited to see what will unfold for me in the coming days as I continue to affirm my new “Statement of Power”

“I release my anger now and forgive myself for my mistaken perceptions around the results of the choices I’ve made that brought me to this present moment.  I have always been and will always be Divinely Guided.”

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