Good MORNING World!!

It’s SNOWING here – a real BLIZZARD – over a foot on my deck when I got up and looked out this morning:

January '11 Blizzard

The beauty of a BLIZZARD is that we get this landscape that is PURE WHITE – fresh, clean, pristine and crystalline.  There is a purification that happens to the air and the land – we have the opportunity to bring this energy of purification in to our lives and use the transformative power of the element of water to cleanse and transform our inner landscape into one of pristine beauty!

Last night before I went to bed I did a little card reading – using my BIRD Cards – I haven’t worked with them in a while – so I always know that I’m going to have a powerful reading when I reach for a deck that has lain dormant for some time (lying dormant is a powerful exercise in building your energy and power – it’s encouraged – and is in alignment with the seasonal dormancy here in the north that is being demonstrated right out my window – Mother Earth has laid a beautiful blanket of white upon her sleeping breast!)

Here’s the card reading and my interpretation:

Shrike – Anger

Dodo – Release

Crow – Protection & Guidance

Pigeon – Purification

Dove – Peace

So I sat with this reading for a while and when I woke this morning as I was getting on the Yoga mat I reviewed the cards again in my mind – what I love about my yoga practice is that it is not only a GROUNDING practice for me – it’s also a powerful OPENING to my Source and SPIRIT.  Some people get stuff in the shower – I get my best inspirations and ideas from my mat!

I was turning over the sequence of the cards in my mind and “got” that this was actually a Divine PROCESS that was laid out right there in front of me – not only for me to SEE that the process was there but also to SEE that I myself needed to ENGAGE in this process!

I’ve been holding quite a bit of anger around some aspects of my present reality – specifically about my current financial situation, my ability to attract the Divine Clients that I know are out there just waiting to do their inner work, and my capacity to be a powerful and positive influence as a mother to my son.

So this morning on the mat I decided and was guided that it’s time to do something about this!  When we are angry at a situation – whatever the circumstances of that situation are – it’s 100% certain that we are also angry at some part of ourselves for creating the situation.  We’re powerful creators and we know this at a deep level – even if we don’t consciously claim it.

I’ve been angry before – at myself – at my HIGHER Self – at my GUIDES and at some of the decisions that I made that seemed to turn out for the worst instead of the best.  Time of course always brings the truer perspective – and things I was angry about in the past turned out to have been that absolute best thing that could have happened in the long run – without fail when looking back I can discover the gifts that were in the situation that I just simply did not see when I was in it and BLINDED by the anger that I was feeling.  When we want to change something we first have to accept it’s there – so I accepted that I’ve been carrying anger this morning and decided to do something about it.

I began to work the process – my own SCORE process which we teach in our CORE Path – Energy Foundations For Divine Wealth Intensive – as well as the process that was laid out right in front of me on the floor.  After working with it all for a bit I transmuted that anger and RECEIVED the grace of a new statement of power for myself:

“I release my anger now and forgive myself for my mistaken perceptions around the results of the choices I’ve made that brought me to this present moment.  I have always been and will always be Divinely Guided”

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