Checking in from SNOW COVERED NH – Man o Man we have about 18 inches – Winter has OFFICIALLY arrived!

My Radio Show!

Thanks God for the plow guys – they came twice and because I like to take EXTRA SPECIAL care of my plow guys I decided this afternoon that I’d back some cookies after I finished my radio show (did you get a chance to listen in to the show?? Today’s was a good one – Ann Convery talked to us – her talk was “If I’m So Brilliant – Why Won’t They Buy?” lot’s of JUICY info in this one – Blazing Forth The Light )

So right after the show I started cooking and wouldn’t you know – the plow guys came and started the driveway – just before I took the first batch of choco chippers out of the oven they finished up my walk – I gave them each an apple, a bottle of water and a plate of warm fresh from the oven oooey gooey cookies.  Now that’s the way to ensure that I receive SUPERIOR Service this winter while SIMULTANEOUSLY acknowledging that these men are people too and deserve to be honored for their service to me!

Fairly exchanging energy is really important to me – sure they are getting paid – and sure I’m getting the snow cleared – but why not just add a little LOVE to the mix and send them back out into the world with a bit of Light to share with their next customers?
Energy Evaluation – today was about a 5 – pretty even keeled and steady all day long – a quiet day but productive.   I felt like I was just chugging along.  Had our first BRIDGE THE GAP call today (find out about that at )  It was really awesome and I did some channeling from the Element of Water while my Divine Partner – Mikael Sami Kumara did a dharma talk on the I AM presence.  We added in some sounding too with the crystal singing bowl.  A good solid day of connecting, writing, serving, painting and cookie baking.  Satisfying!

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