Morning!!! It’s time to receive!!! Are you ready???

So this morning the multidimensional message is all about mastery!  When we become the master of our own power, when we learn how to ground our energy, to shield energetically and to act from a place of full energetic integrity our lives and our ability to manifest all our desires become TURBO CHARGED.

Yesterday I talked about grounding and today I’m going to talk about that some more!  Grounding is the NUMBER ONE THING that you can do to help bring your visions into reality.  Your visions and dreams come from the SPIRIT side of you – from your soul, higher self, GodSelf.  They get MANIFESTED through you and by the grace of the elements of the Earth.  Your job – your only job – is to be a pure clear grounded channel through which Spirit can flow and to take the actions that you are guided to take when the “Divine Downloads” start to come through.

Spirit is ELECTRICAL like LIGHTENING!  Earth is Magnetic – and you are the conduit between the two!  So in the “olden” days before we had ground wires in our electrical systems in our houses people used to have a lightening rod attached to the house.  It would direct all the electrical energy into the earth.  Now if you didn’t have that grounding rod – all the circuits in the house would blow up and quite often fires would start and the house would burn down.

You can see I think from this analogy why it’s so important for YOU to be grounded.  If you aren’t then every time you are STRUCK by an  idea, vision, or desire to create you can get completely scattered, energy flying all over the place and potentially even BURNED out!  Prevent burnout by taking the time to slow down – to get in touch with your own Nature and with Mother Nature.  Get Grounded!

I’m off to the Yoga mat in a short bit – A daily yoga practice helps me to stay grounded and in my physical body and I highly recommend it or some other form of physical exercise for grounding.

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