Day 2 of the Ultimate blogging Challenge for me  (Interested in boosting your BLOG??? Sign up at – here’s my energy evaluation for my day today:


My son didn’t go to school again today – he’s been in and out of school almost non-stop this quarter – manifesting health expressions repeatedly – today and yesterday severe headache and stomachache – the system is NOT working for him – and he’s definitely not wanting to work with it either.  Had plans for a call at 11 but my Divine Business Partner sent out an email with the incorrect number – funny the number that he sent was a Mississippi exchange rather than our teleconference line (my 2nd husband/now ex/ lives there) and so our call got rescheduled.  The early part of the day was just kind of weird energetically for me and I felt like I was working on about a 4 kind of day – then things started to shift!

I was part of two launches today – first this morning’s book launch with Marci Shimoff  of her latest book “Love for No Reason”  followed by the  launch today of SOUL ART TV – I’m SO excited about this and delighted to be a part of it – the launch happened at 11 PT and so right as we were all sending out our emails I was actually delivering service to clients in my signature group CORE PATH – Energy Foundations for Divine Wealth Intensive.

Today being the 1/11/11 gateway as we moved through 11 am and again through 1 pm the energy was shifting and there was a distinct sense of EXPANSION and EXPANSIVENESS that I was feeling which shifted my vibe up to around 7.5 peaking at about 8 when the Soul Art TV launch happened.

Lovely Laura!

Overall today averaged out for me at about a 7 again which is what I’ll plot on my graph – you do remember that we’re graphing here right?  (See yesterday’s post about the exercise we’re up to!)  Gotta run – snow predicted for tomorrow and I have to still get groceries in – feel free to check out the launch links and let me know what you think – especially about Soul Art TV – Laura Hollick ROCKS!

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