Because I joined the Ultimate Blog Challenge ( when it was already underway I decided to do two posts a day for a while anyway so that I can fulfill my commitment to myself to get all 31 posts done before the 31st – so this is the EVENING POST (no not the magazine!!)

I thought it would be valuable to share a technique that I suggest to my clients to help them to learn how to raise awareness of the ebbs and flows of their own energy or personal power.  What I suggest is that they do a daily evaluation – on a scale of 1 – 10 1 being I FEEL LIKE A SLUG PLEASE DON”T MAKE ME MOVE and 10 being I FEEL LIKE I JUST WON THE LOTTERY HAD AN ORGASM ATE CHOCOLATE AND RODE THE ROLLERCOASTER WITH MY ARMS UP!

Graphing your Results shows you the Ups and Downs!

Most of the time we’ll find ourselves somewhere in between of course – the point of the exercise is to track for yourself each day for at least 60 and preferably 90 days  – then GRAPH your results to see the patterns of your own Natural Cycles.  When you know your own cycle then you can plan your life around your own NATURE.  How cool is that?
Today’s Energy Evaluation for me personally is about 7.  I had a good day overall – got some things accomplished, had a sweet lunch where I got to know a colleague in the SASSY Mastermind that I’m in with Lisa Sasevich (who by the way is getting ready to do a HUGE event in February to teach all about Event Profit Secrets – this lady knows how do make PROFIT and then some on events – at her last event she grossed over $2 million AND was able to raise an additional $180,000 for the EWoman Network Foundation!), added some waves to the painting I’m creating and then had a massage and dinner.  Overall a pretty yummy day!

Painting in Progress

Would you like to join me with your OWN Evening Energy Evaluation?  Please feel free to do so via a comment!

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