Of course, we live an a GRAND Ocean of gifts! Wanna go for a swim? It might serve you to check out this beach…

The 5th annual Self-Improvement GIFTS extravaganza has just launched a few days ago, and almost 800 personal and business development professionals are giving away over $26,000 worth of FREE ebooks, audio workshops, video series, software, courses, coaching, memberships, and trainings…

Basically, it’s like a giant electronic trade fair where 100’s of experts offer their products free to the public. From wordpress and twitter experts, to angelic communicators and energy healers, to weight loss and intimacy teachers, there’s quite a wide range of self/biz development assistance!

With all those professionals getting together, there’s a wonderful mishmash of value, quality, experience, and integrity. Aside from the occasional pushy sales person, or the info-crap, there really is a lot of value here. It’s an interesting array that really calls out our deep powers to sense and track the energy.

Where is the gift for me? There are some gifts for you, and then there’s the haze of stuff that at the depth of it won’t particularly serve you. But it takes a little diving in, experimenting, and decision-making without necessarily KNOWING, to get to the gems. I highly encourage you to dive in, and find the gems for yourself!

Trust your instincts, and let go!

Self Improvement 5 will be open only for a VERY LIMITED TIME, ending on January 27th 2011. Again, everything there is FREE to you. There may just be one, or even a legion, of gifts awaiting your discovery and download! Check it out!!!


And if you have an email list you’d like to build, by offering a gift and being a contributor, then check out this link: http://selfimprovementgifts5.com/go/455/jv