Is there a battle in your life that you’ve been fighting for a long long time?? There’s been one going on in mine for longer than I care to admit.  The battle between my roles as a mother and as a business woman – and the battle within myself that has raged furiously for the last 15 years is that I’ve been challenged again and again with my own belief that I’m not doing either very well and that one or the other aspects of who I am must be sacrificed in order to make time/room/space for the other.

Do you ever get caught up – and find that not only are you battling yourself but you are also attracting experiences, people and judgment from the outside world that is a reflection of what is going on inside?

My Divine Business Partner and I were talking this morning and he was sharing with me a Buddhist practice that he’s been working over the last month or so – contemplating all the possible outcomes of his own inner dialog and getting to a place where he was able to say to himself regardless of the potential outcome that he was visualizing – “I can be ok with that.”  Once we let go of our attachment to things being a particular way we can enjoy things exactly as they are and see where they are unfolding without a “charge”.  Isn’t that great?

I raised the white flag this week around my mothering!  My car was driven into the side of the garage and there’s $1800 worth of damage, a hole is punched in the wall of the upstairs tub, all teachers are reporting failing grades and my former husband – and co-parent of this lovely and bumbling into adulthood young man – is accusing me of abdicating my parental responsibility.   It’s been awesome to be in the center of all of this excitement – why?? Because I let go – surrendered – gave it up to the Upstairs Team – said the magic words – “this is TOO big for me to manage alone and I need some help Spirit!”

Help me please.

Help me to first be gentle with myself

Help me to understand and be compassionate with the person that I am.

Help me to let go of beating myself up.

Help me to release the need to be right in favor of being happy and effective

Help me to let LOVE rule.

Help me to know when to act and when to be still.

Help me to appreciate the time delay as I enact the changes that I am guided to make.

Help me to vision a more balanced and beautiful way of being in the world.

Help me to release anger, fear, sadness and righteousness.

Help me to accept myself and my circumstances and to bless all of it.

Help me to “get” the lesson and the blessing.

Help me to see with clarity and an open heart that we are all doing our best.

Help me to drink from the cup of kindness.

Help me to honor myself and my needs

Help me to be clear with my boundaries

Help me to know what it is that I REALLY want and to focus on that with unwavering intent.

Help me to find the gift in letting go of the fight.

Help me to love deeply, to live courageously, to serve with abandon, to remember the simple joys in life and to appreciate and honor those small moments that are the slivers of GRACE which can expand in to RIVERS of Ease if I only allow myself to be satisfied with what is right here right now right in front of me.

Love to you who have followed my writings this holiday season.  I appreciate your reception of these magic words.

Peace IS in you…..


PS:  In my business I have finally come down to the essential level – What is it that my Divine Clients need the most?  How can I serve them most efficiently and impactfully? What is the BEST way to make the DIVINE connection that will allow for an opening for us to serve our Divine Clients who choose to invest in themselves and their business through our work?  Everything else is pretty much out the window!  This has opened up a lot more time – for me to spend – being a mom! 🙂  I’ve surrendered to my love for my child – 2.5 years before he’s an adult – I’m aware of the ticking of the clock.

If you are someone who feels like you may be ready to play with us – to come into right relationship with yourself – and your business – maybe you’d like to apply for a Strategic Energy Evaluation Session! (In a SEE Session we SEE where you are, SEE where you want to go and SEE if and how we might be able to serve you through the Gap between the two!)  We have a few openings in our calendar before the end of the year to schedule a complimentary call so if this resonates the sooner you apply the better!