Hebrew, communication and the Living Word

Join me and my special guest Michael Wolf on, Dec 1, 2010, 4 pm ET as he discusses Hebrew, Communication and the Living Word. Communication is not what is said and done, but the results of what is said and done: Jewish and other mystics would use the Hebrew alphabet and look for the main systems of permutation of names to get deeper insights into the LOVE that we are, from which to quiet the mind. Yet the revealing framework was never complete: XPR is potentially the END permutation, in that it finally brings all permutations to be SO practical they free the mind from all its conversations.

Michael Wolf

Michael Wolf

Michael Wolf is the CEO of emPowering NOW LLC. He is a father, entrepreneur, and an XPR Advisor / executive coach. He has a broad background from 19 years in corporate America leading to his more recent experience in the holistic arts, embodied integrity and servant leadership. His life’s work is to lead a heart centered company to assist the transition from a world mainly in greed, to a world of grace where every person can know their unique voice and the “sense of enough”.

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Wednesday, Dec 1, 2010, 4 pm ET