Our Western Culture has been built upon a myth you know……

Two actually……

The first – supposedly “original” myth – a 5000 year old story – is that we were created and then we were BAD and then we were EXILED and sent out of the garden – and that it was a WOMAN’S fault for eating an APPLE and sharing it with her mate who’s RIB she supposedly came from (have you seen anyone lately who was born out of the rib of a man?? – Last I checked every born thing comes out from between the legs of a woman!)

This is a STORY – A MYTH and we have the power NOW in THIS MOMENT to change that myth once and for all – to throw that old story into the fire and to take out a blank page and write a NEW one!

This old story has been emblazoned into the collective consciousness of the entire Western World.  The feminine is inherently BAD, EVIL, SINFUL, WICKED and UNWORTHY of the Fruits of the Garden or the Kingdom of Heaven and in fact should be PUNISHED and

Yet there could be nothing further from the actual truth.

What IS true is that we are all created from the stuff of stars and WOMAN is the vessel through which all beings are birthed.  The feminine divine is the energy of creation itself.  Wild, unmanifest and filled with unlimited potential.  Life FORCE energy.

We ALL have both FEMININE and MASCULINE energies – we all are being called to accept, embrace and bring in to DIVINE UNION these two halves of the same whole. When we disempower the feminine, when we curse it and reject it from the garden of our soul we become SPLIT, Separated, and Severed from our very SOURCE itself.  Would you cut your body in half?  Would you survive much less thrive if you did?


What story do you want to tell yourself?  Are you ready to claim your value, your worth, your wealth and the gifts that you have to offer to the world?  Are you ready to embrace, honor, love, respect, admire and cherish BOTH Halves of the whole that YOU are?

Then it’s time to tell a NEW story…..

There’s another story or myth that we have which is about someone ELSE Suffering for OUR supposed Sins – about being RESCUED by A MAN who has to DIE in order to SAVE US.  WTF??? That is the most MESSED UP STORY I have EVER HEARD.  I mean SERIOUSLY…. What does this story have to do AT ALL with the ACTUAL LIFE of the man Jesus.

The ACTUAL LIFE and the ACTUAL TEACHINGS of the man Jesus were two fold.  LOVE EACH OTHER and WE ARE ALL ONE.  The ACTUAL LIFE of the man Jesus was one that was filled with incredible MIRACLES, HEALINGS, and TEACHINGS of ONENESS – DO Unto OTHERS as you would have them DO unto You!! Love EACH OTHER.

And OVERLAYING THAT BEAUTIFUL STORY is this other WACKY Story that JESUS CAME TO SAVE US from OURSELVES – that we are WORTHLESS SINNERS and that we need to have someone die this horrific incredibly AWFUL crucifiction death to redeem our worthless souls.


The TRUTH IS as the man Jesus would say again and again in his teachings is that we are made in the image and likeness of the Creator and that the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN is RIGHT HERE IN US!!

So we have built an entire civilization upon these two myths – Women are BAD – Men have to DIE in order to RESCUE the BAD People.  We are ALL UNWORTHY of the GIFTS of HEAVEN and that there is a SYSTEM that only lets some people in and everyone else can go to Hell.

Ok I will readily admit – I am PASSIONATE about de-constructing these two poisonous stories that have infected an entire half of the planet and have led to some pretty heinous acts of violence upon humanity in general.  I am a WOMAN and I am complete with buying in to the myth that I’m a lesser creature,  unworthy to be alive and forbidden from the enjoyment of the garden.  I am also the mother of a young man and I am complete with buying into the myth that my son or ANYONE needs to go RESCUE someone and certainly complete with this rescue happening through the act of DYING.  Oh NO!! I want him to LIVE and to LOVE!

I am really really ready to step in to being the CREATRIX that I AM – made in the IMAGE AND LIKENESS of the CREATOR OF ALL THAT IS.  I am ready to deconstruct those old myths and I’m ready to write a brand new story……are you ready to JOIN me???

IN THE BEGINNING there was the WORD – and the WORD was that we are ALL WORTHY.  The WORD was made into LIGHT – and the LIGHT REVEALED the BEAUTY of the EARTH and SKY and the whole UNIVERSE.  The LIGHT differentiated itself into ALL THE COLORS OF THE RAINBOW and into Black and White, Feminine and Masculine and a great play commenced amongst the colors and every thing else was created out of this play of light and sound and color and started to play and dance and sing and create some more.  The Universe was filled with JOY, Abundant, Radiant, Magnificent, BLISSFUL JOY!  Then the CREATRIX saw that it was GOOD, It was REALLY REALLY GOOD and you know what she did??? She smiled……..and took a big juicy bite of her apple.

Wanna remember that YOU are WORTHY of WEALTH and disentangle yourself from these silly old stories that just doesn’t even make sense??? I would LOVE to serve you into that!!! So please if you resonate – consider applying for a SEE Session  where we’ll SEE what we can do to get you the help YOU need to write a BRAND NEW STORY for YOU!