Greetings and blessings of love and light to all who are receiving this message!

You know we are in a time of great change – you feel it – you experience it and you may even be a conscious catalyst for the changes yourself!

Old paradigms and ways of being that now no longer serve are falling away. New paradigms are being born – and you have a choice.

You can choose to hang on with all your might overwhelmed by fear of losing what is known and comfortable for you or you can choose  to embrace the changes or even dare I say INITIATE them!

We are at the 10.10.10 gateway. The last year or so since the 999 has been a year of completion – of wrapping up and integrating all the lessons of the decade just passed. Now we are at the portal again – another portal that initiates the next phase of our evolution.

The 101010 marks the entryway to a time of even more accelerated growth and even more rapid awakening of the global consciousness. Those who are poised now to serve the awakened ones will be co-creating and stabilizing new structures, new systems, new beliefs, new thoughtforms and newly synthesized mergers of ancient knowledge that has been distilled to it’s essence and re-combined to create deeper understanding of our soul and our purpose for being here.

Conscious (awakened) entrepreneurs are leading the shift and the entrepreneurial journey itself is a vessel for creation and presentation to the world of messages and paradigm shifting missions and movements.


Mikael Sami Kumara


As many of you who have been following me know – my own journey has been one of continuous change, growth and refinement. The time for consciously creating change has arrived for me too and I stand at this gateway letting go of the old and welcoming the new right along with all of you! I want to thank you for being a part of my journey and a member of the Energy Journey Community. I am happy to announce that I am now going to be Joyfully and DIVINELY partnered in my mission with a business partner who has been working with me behind the scenes since the beginning of this year to co-create and solidify our Signature Program the Core Path Intensive and our unique branded system – the SCORE your Spiritually Energized Entrepreneurial Success System.

Mikael Sami Kumara and I held a day of ceremony yesterday – cementing our relationship at the energetic level, with the intent of moving toward greater balance and unity. We co-created three different despachos (gift/prayer bundles for Mother Earth) which were burned in fire ceremony last night to welcome the new moon.

One of the things we’ll be doing in the coming months is going through all of what I have created and deciding what needs to die and what needs to be reborn with the addition of his energy and creativity to better serve more people to shift their energy and come into a conscious, active and aware relationship with their own personal power and capacity to create change in the world.  That will include some re-design and re-alignment of the Energy Journey site to better reflect how we stand now in the world in Divine Partnership.

Together we are actively serving evolving entrepreneurs through The Energy site and we invite anyone who is visiting to please join our list there! We welcome you to help yourself to our GIFTS  by visiting the site’s gifts page HERE! –  where you will be able to subscribe to our ezine The Energy Edge and we also have a nice audio meditation there for you, as well as an opportunity to apply for a  complimentary SEE Session (Strategic Energy Evaluation).

You will be receiving another notification in  the next few days inviting you to an open call on 10/14/10 introducing you to Mikael – we’ll be opening the lines for your questions about energy and about the changes we are all initiating now at the energetic level as we move through this 101010. Later this month we’ll also be hosting another complimentary call to re-present “Everybody Channels and U Can 2!”. If this resonates for you – we look forward to your presence.

Thank you so much for your presence on my journey!

Peace is in you – Love lights us – Joy is your birthright!


PS:  I am also sitting with and wondering about this particular blog site and am open to feedback as to whether the content that has been appearing here is of value to you – I need to decide where best to invest my time and energy – as I am now going to spending some of my time just sorting through and working out how to do business with a partner!  That being said – I do enjoy a place to creatively express my own thoughts – separate from our business – so I may continue with this blog – in any case I’d love to hear whether it has been serving you!