Today is the DAY! A few months ago I was contacted to co-create something incredibly special with an old friend! Linda Joy and I have been connected since the early days of my “coming out” as a Spiritual Healer and Teacher and I was a writer for a long time in her magazine Aspire. Linda is an amazing light with a personal mission to inspire 100,000 women this year – so when she called to ask me to join her along with 40 other women in the creation of an anthology of personal stories to empower and inspire other women the answer was a resounding YES!

Today A Juicy Joyful Life is being birthed into the world and together all of the authors have a goal to get this book to make it to the top of the Amazon bestseller list! In order to do that I’m going to ask you to help us out by buying a copy of the book TODAY! Here’s where you can do that: A Juicy Joyful Life

When you make your purchase you are also going to receive 100 gifts from a huge array of leading inspirational women including myself – the gifts alone are more than worth the cost of the book but the true value lies in the deeply profound, transformational stories that each author has crafted to inspire and encourage women everywhere to seek out the Sweetness in every day!  I’d love to have your feedback on my own chapter – My story “Embracing Peace” starts on page 74!

Here’s to YOUR Juicy Joyful Life!

Love lights us…. Peace is in you!