and get caught in the fear that no one would show up??

Well it’s been a wyld summer here – I’ve been really working quite a bit on the 6 Figure Speakers Summit – my team has done an amazing job of putting together all the stuff that needed to happen behind the scenes for an event like this and we’re down to the final day before the event is supposed to start.  I have attracted over 100 Divine Partners to help me promote the event and for some reason – up until now – there has been VERY LITTLE RESPONSE in the market.

Now part of this may be attributable to the fact that Mercury has been in retrograde for the last 3 weeks or so – making communications of all sorts challenging.  Part of it may be that I just don’t know how to do this sort of thing (having never done one of these before) and perhaps I’ve gone about it in all the wrong ways.  Part of it may be the nature of the beast and the nature of the times – whereby everybody decides on this sort of thing at the last minute and I’m just being asked by the Universe to be PATIENT.

I’ve got to share with you that I’ve had second thoughts more than once as I’ve moved through this process.  “Are we going to have enough time? Are we doing this, that or the other thing the right way? even Should we cancel? ”  I’ve gone through a big rollercoaster of emotion about it too – an event like this takes a lot of creative thinking, planning, meeting, strategizing, juggling, bugging of people, organizing and executing – it looks like it’s a piece of cake from the outside but behind the scenes things can get quite hairy at times.

I’m also someone who likes to do things well.  I enjoy creating beauty, I enjoy sharing wisdom, and I like making sure that the I’ve done all that I can to create successful and transformational experiences for people.   When I got the idea for this I knew it would be big – I knew it would stretch me – I knew that I was taking a risk.  I also knew that this would be an amazing learning experience – for myself, for the people who HAVE chosen to join us by enrolling in the event and for my team who have been simply brilliant at working with me on this (kudos to BSETC – especially Melissa Sullivan my project manager who has done more jumping through hoops while also providing moral support to me than you can imagine).

There has also been an investment – not just of the hours involved to create something like this – but also in money.  Not all of us are skilled in all aspects of online – virtual entrepreneurship – there’s NO way I could have created this without spending quite a bit – not just for my behind the scenes team but also with MaryPat Kavanaugh of Strategic Results Marketing who has been managing my JV (speaker) partnership agreements.  MaryPat has been a huge player in helping this event to come to fruition, she’s a real pro at creating positive and powerful relationships and then managing them with the greatest of ease and grace when things don’t go exactly as agreed.   She’s been like a rock through the whole summer – and this while moving through a lot of her own personal transformation as her marriage has dissolved during this time as well.

The other investment that I made was in what one of my mentors Nancy Marmolejo (who was with me in the dreamtime last night by the way) would call “Social Capital”  – I called upon all of the relationships that I’ve built with the professionals and experts that I gathered together to present at this event.  I asked them to come and share their brilliance and they all said “of course” – basing their agreements I’m sure in part on the expectation that there would be a sizeable gathering of people to receive their combined wisdom – our goal of 500 – or more!

I also believe that this event has GREAT value to offer – I myself have invested well over 6 figures for training amongst many of the leaders who I’ve gathered to present at this event  – they are the cream of the crop and will be bringing their all to the party for sure – because they are all PROS.  I wanted to give back to them for helping me to make the radical changes in my life and business that needed to happen in order for me to have a business that was not only serving but serving successfully and sustainably.  I believe that my time, my investment of energy is valuable too – and this event is making that statement because I AM charging an enrollment fee for it – and one that I think is quite reasonable given the caliber of the folks who are lined up to speak and the interactive nature of the  live forum.  To get 20 of the top conscious entrepreneurs who are speaking today gathered together in one event for only $10 each – $200.00 is a bargain!

Now what…. The doors are opening for the event tomorrow at 4 PM.  I’ve made the decision that I’m going to show up – whole heartedly and perform to the best of my ability – even if we didn’t make our audacious goal of 500 attendees – even though at this point in the game we haven’t even come close to that.

Because that’s what you do when you are committed to your dreams. You show up.  You do your best.  You learn your lessons. You have the best time you can.  You look at what your next steps are. You remember that the relationships you create have value.  You remember not to judge yourself or anyone else harshly.  You have compassion.  You accept what is.  You harvest every nugget of wisdom you can.  You share that freely with the world.

Oh and one more thing…. You BELIEVE in Miracles!  There is still time for this event to come together in a big way – tomorrow night at 4 PM is the Opening Ceremonies call with my Platinum Mastermind Mentor Lisa Sasevich.  Visit the info/sales page for this event to find out more about how you can join us at
Would love to have you join us….. The Only thing Missing at the moment is YOU!

Love and infinite blessings of light,