Today I went with my son and two of his friends to Children’s Hospital in Boston – we went to visit his friend and fellow football team mate Cooper Doucette.  While at practice on a sunny summer Saturday Cooper broke his neck – his C5 to be exact a little more that 2 weeks ago – he’s 15 years old and presently paralyzed from the chest down.

Cooper’s mom passed when he was younger and his dad has been at the hospital non-stop since the accident.  Coop has had surgery to stabilize his neck plus a tracheotomy to assist him with breathing.  They are hopeful that he’ll be going to Atlanta at the end of the week to begin the process of rehab.

A fund has been set up to help the family and Cooper – please visit to make donations to support and offset the financial expenses of his medical stay and rehabilitation.   More information is also available on Facebook where regular postings of his progress are going to be located.

Prayers for Cooper and his family are of course welcome.  As are prayers for all the team who are facing a challenging experience as they all step into manhood and the realization that life can change in an instant.  Be kind to yourself – share love and forgiveness – honor the sacredness of all things – send light to Cooper and his dad & brother I’m sure they will appreciate it.

Here is a poem that I wrote when I heard of the accident (at the time I was unaware that Cooper’s mom had already passed – I think she was coming through anyway…):

Another Mother’s Son Got Hurt Today

Another Mother’s Son was Out to Play

Another Mother’s Son – she must be a wreck

Another Mother’s Son – he broke his neck

Another Mother’s Son – I want to cry

Another Mother’s Son – this is no lie

Another Mother’s Son – Got hurt Today

Another Mother’s Son – he was only there to play…..

In honor of Another Mother’s Son – a team mate of my own – who broke his neck on Saturday morning and is now paralyzed from the chest down – pray for this Mother – Please…..