I’ve had an interesting week on Facebook this week – (Mercury Retrograde – I do love the little and large challenges you throw into the mix to see just how relaxed I can stay!) - early in the week  I was kicked off because someone on the other side of the country is helping me with the social media campaign for my 6 Figure Speakers Summit (http://www.budurl.com/6figspk) and Facebook didn’t like that – oh no – not at all – so because the system saw this “foreign” IP as a security threat to my account it shut the account down. The VA had to contact me to get my birthday – but that wasn’t enough – later that day when I logged in I couldn’t. I had to go through this interesting security check which required me to identify several of my friends – now the friend pictures ARE NOT their profile pictures – and they gave me sometimes one or sometimes two pictures – I had to id a certain number within a certain sequence of being presented these pix. I was fine until I came upon a picture of someone in black and white from the 50’s – GOD knows who it was and wasn’t sharing with me at the moment. So I got blocked and had to wait a couple of hours to try again….. Try again I did and thankfully was able to id several – enough that FB let me in.

Then yesterday I got blocked AGAIN – this time ostensibly because I had unleashed some sort of a virus into my account – by opening a video – however when I went to the security check – this time I was asked to virus scan my computer and there was NOTHING wrong on my end. Even though I virus scanned and checked the little box confirming that I STILL couldn’t get in. So I’ve waited overnight until this morning to try once more.

Hey there friend - How's the grazing today?

This morning I got through the virus thing but then had to once more do the Identify your friends picture thing. You need to be able to id 5 of 7 of your friends – now I have close to 4000 so there’s a whole bunch of friends for fb to choose from…… This morning 2 of the 7 were – the black and white picture from the 50’s again and get this one – a picture of a HORSE – no lie – there was a picture of a horse – twice on the page and I had a list of like 7 names to choose from that would be the friend that was the HORSE. Thank GOD I could id 5 of the 7 because if I not I’d still be wandering outside facebook not even being able to look in……

Hey Patrick - Break A Leg!

The moral of this story is – KNOW YOUR FRIENDS – not just their profile pics but actually WHO They are and the sorts of things they are interested in – One of the pic selections I got happened to be 2 different shots of one of my friends (and a SPEAKER on my 6 Figure Speakers Summit (http://www.budurl.com/6figspk) Patrick Combs. So the pictures didn’t actually SHOW Patrick’s face AT all – one picture was of a bunch of people on a stage with MASKS ON!! The other picture – thankfully was a shot of a POSTER for Patrick’s One Man show – Man 1 Bank Zero. Thank God I didn’t get a sheep or cow or goat or something instead of the poster!

The second moral of the story is this: If you are promoting, launching, marketing some big event like I am right now (The 6 Figure Speakers Summit) – you better have friends who can get into Facebook to help you promote it – which is why I simultaneously launched my Divine Partners Program (http://www.budurl.com/6figaff) and have over 100 affiliates promoting the event and that you better NOT put all your eggs in one promotional basket – which is why I’m holding THREE Preview calls – (we already had call one – if you want the recording go to http://www.budurl.com/6figpc1 – our second is TODAY August 26 at 11 AM  – http://www.budurl.com/6figpc2) and it’s also why I’m doing blog posts, sending out tweets, and posting in other places like Linked-In and am using a variety of media including video which is being distributed to over a hundred video outlets so that I am not depending on Facebook to be the sole marketing engine for my launch!

The third moral of the story is this: If things go sideways it’s an opportunity!! An opportunity for you to take a deep breath, trust, another deep breath, trust, another deep breath, trust and then see where you CAN do something. Wallowing in what you are NOT able to do serves no one – getting yourself together, centered, clear, calm, relaxed, balanced and present will allow you to see the opportunity and capitalize upon what you CAN do. Like this morning – I’m celebrating that I CAN get in to facebook because I DO Know who my friends are – and I can also SHARE this wisdom with YOU!!

Thanks for reading!! Let’s get to know each other EVEN better…..

Love and light, Amethyst

PS: Who are you friend with a HORSE???

PPS:  Spirit Always gives us SOMETHING to work with – even when things seem dire!!