Butterfly Woman

Greetings of Love and Beauty to You Children of Illumination, I AM Butterfly Woman and I come to you today to speak of changes both Great and small that are ever in the process of unfolding in your watery world of reflection. As you know change is an ever present reality and can be faced by you in any number of ways. How you choose to navigate the clear and present changes now imminent in your journey can either strengthen or diminish your vital force.

The vital force that you have within you is your fuel, the fuel for your physical body and the fuel for your journey on this Earthwalk. There is a broad spectrum of change experiences that you will be called upon to navigate and a broad variety of responses you can choose to manifest from total resistance to complete acceptance and every point in between.

Notice when small changes are called for in your world. Notice your responses. Notice your thoughts and feelings around the very idea of change and unpredictability or uncertainty. Can you in your noticing discern another way? Can you learn in each experience and new way to dance-to dance with yourself and to dance with change?
Just noticing, at every opportunity, your own responses, gives you an invaluable gift. This gift, the gift of self-knowledge, has enfolded within it many other gifts. The gift of discernment, which allows you to see a situation for what it truly is; the gift of choice, allowing you the opportunity to try a different way; and finally the gift of awareness, awareness of yourself, awareness of your environment, awareness of the potential before you, and awareness of your own innate strengths, powers and capacity to draw to you and through you all that you need and want, to experience a life of beauty, joy, and bliss.

Allow me to aid you in your journey. Allow me to be a model, a guide of sorts in the fine art of acceptance of what is and the embracing of the change process. The observe the life cycle of the butterfly notice the profound and magical alchemy that unfolds in this simple four part cycle of change. Take the lessons from this cycle to apply them to your own life cycles and challenges. Where are you in your process? Egg, Caterpillar, cocoon, or emergent winged one?

Self awareness of your place within the cycle will help you to move into a state of acceptance and grace and will allow you to support yourself within your own process. All around you the world is changing. Your own magical and unique process of change is a contributing factor to the global and larger universal changes that are now in process. At every level change is afoot. As you learn and experience a cascade of change opportunities you begin to harness your own power to direct your energy to effect change in a positive way for yourself and your planetary matrix. Each choice to accept the changes within and without, to surrender to the process of transformation, to go with the flow, to make the leap of faith and to embrace the journey results in greater and greater capacity to facilitate an easy passage for yourself and to model that way for those around you to see they have the choice to do the same.

Remember that there is an enormous amount of assistance available to you from all levels of light. Call upon your relations. Call upon your brothers and sisters in the many kingdoms, the plant, the mineral, and the animal kingdoms. Call on your brothers and sisters of light on your present plane of reality. There are more and more beings who have moved through a significant portion of the Universal change process who are
available to assist, validate, coach and guide you.

Send out the call when you desire help and know that a time may come when you too may be called to aid and assist others through their passage. Your personal passage story is a gift to share and a truth to reflect to all who come for service. Be open to the many varieties of paths of process and know that each individual is gifted with their own unique, one of a kind, customized experience of total transformation.

Gather the stories, the wisdom, the tools and the practices that have worked for others. Sort through them and find your own golden nugget to assist you in your navigation and to be integrated into your story. Begin to record your story, your journey, what works for you, in ways that you feel comfortable sharing. Writing, spoken word, poetry, art, performance; all are ways to transmit the energies, the knowledge, the wisdom, the gifts of your transition.

Remember too in the final moments of the journey that all challenges, all difficulties, all pain, all sorrow, can be easily and swiftly eradicated by the mere willingness to spread your wings and daring to fly. I AM Butterfly Woman and I Dance the Winds of your most Sacred Dreams.

@2010 – Amethyst Wyldfyre – Excerpt from Channeled Book in Progress!

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