Every FRIDAY I intend to share another one of my flower shots with you – I’ve been taking flower pictures now for about 2 years – I’m particularly fond of WET flowers – and the ROSES have been my favorites – so much so that this year I bought and planted 10 new bushes in a multitude of varieties – I may eventually convert much of my front yard to rose cultivation – just because I can! You CAN too – Roses can even be planted in small pots – so if you don’t have your own yard you can still enjoy them!

Each of these photos will also be made available at some point along the journey for purchase in a variety of forms – I am working on getting them uploaded into either my FINE ART America site or my OPENING THE ROSE (For the ROSES in particular) Café Press Store. That way you can bring the beauty and power of these magnificent flowers into your home to enjoy every day or you can (if you purchase the boxed cards or gift items) send a little FLOWER POWER along to someone you LOVE! Please let me know if you enjoy this post category so I will know whether to continue along in this vein serving you! Be sure to check back often if you haven’t subscribed to the blog (or subscribe which we’d love you to do!) so you can get another dose of FLOWER POWER to energize Your Day!

Original Wet Roses Copyright 2010 by Amethyst Wyldfyre