As you may or may not know for the last several months I’ve been moving through a process of breaking, healing and recovery from breaking my right wrist in February – the day before Valentines Day while skiing at Waterville Valley.  During this time I was fortunate enough to receive from Spirit an answer to my prayer for administrative assistance in the form of Kelly Santos a charming entrepreneur and personal home organizer whose business is called of all things… XTra Hands!


Organizing the BIG Picture!

When Kelly first came in to work with me things were quite WYLD to say the least!  I had committed to a series of telesummits and other speaking opportunities, had several trips planned and had an inbox overflowing with email as my business got a sudden shot in the arm from one of the summits I did about Sound Healing with Jennifer McLean for her Masterworks Community.

For most of the first 2 months that Kelly was working with me we were mostly in Jaguar Up the Tree mode (aka Fight or Flight) just trying to keep some semblance of order in the chaos as my little world went Pachacuti (Upside Down) and took a huge leap in growth and expansion.  When this happened of course much of what had been working (i.e. me doing a WHOLE LOT of administrivia) wasn’t working any more.  There was so much that I had to just admit that it was time for me to release and bring in others who could support the growth of the business and my own personal growth into another level of service to the business, to my clients and to myself.

I had to make the LEAP into LEADERSHIP!! My new favorite word is DELEGATE – and even though I have been delegating to my awesome team in Canada at BSETC for about 6 months when this happened I discovered SO MUCH MORE that I want other people to be doing now instead of me.  I’m grateful beyond words that I have been fortunate enough to attract some really great people to work with me on the “A” team and I’m especially grateful to Mikael Sami who stepped in shortly before my wrist break to co-facilitate the delivery of service that we are offering together through my Energy Journey site.

When the dust finally settled after returning from my many travels this spring – one day a few weeks ago Kelly and I actually had a few hours to look at ORGANIZING which of course is her specialty!  We tore apart the office – threw out a bunch of stuff and I was even inspired to paint over the builder white walls with a tri –color theme of beautiful FRESH AIRE paints from Home Depot in Sacred Soil, Canyon Pebble and Summer Dragonfly.

Office Reorg

Prepping for Painting Office BEFORE Pic

One thing that I discovered in the organizing/clearing process was that there were two big areas in my business that were what we called “Hanging Blobs”.  They were the piles of papers and other assorted materials that make up my “Creative Ideas/Content/Commitments” stuff and my “Continuing Ed/Personal Development” stuff.

One project in the Creative Ideas pile was also a Commitment I had made at the beginning of the year to write a chapter for Volume #3 of Debbi Chambers’ Manifest Success series.  When I committed to this it was late January or early February and I thought NO PROBLEM – I can EASILY have this completed by June 1 if not beforehand.  Well THAT didn’t happen – because of course typing one-handed was reserved for only the most pressing of priorities.


Simplify! - Simply Beautiful - After Pic New Office Colors

So what happened was this chapter had taken on the energy and the density of a HANGING BLOB!!  When I finally sat down to make myself write it – it was May 31st – Memorial Day and I just really wanted to get it out of the way and out of my inbox.  I had a pretty poor attitude about it when I sat down to write to say the least!

Of course – the “upstairs” team was NOT going to let me get away with writing this chapter with THAT kind of energy attached to it – and so they sent me a few messages – first every time I typed out a paragraph or two I would somehow “accidently” push GOD KNOWS what button on my netbook and the whole (or a good part of) darn paragraph would vanish.  This happened at least three times before I finally called UNCLE and just stopped everything to get CLEAR, PRESENT and FOCUSED on what it was that I was being called to do in the moment.  Next thing you know – who shows up and plants herself right on my folder of papers??? A big ole fat MAMA BUMBLE BEE.

There she sat – looking RIGHT at me…… Then what do you know – she started to actually RUB HER HANDS TOGETHER as if she was getting ready to give me a good talking to!  I got that all right – the core essence of the message was WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING??? How DARE you sit out here on the porch on this BEAUTIFUL CLEAR SUNSHINY DAY with THAT attitude!! Get your self TOGETHER GIRL and REMEMBER WHY YOU ARE HERE and WHAT IT IS YOU ARE HERE TO TRANSMIT.  IT’S CERTAINLY NOT THIS JUNKY ATTITUDE – BY GOD GIRL YOU ARE WRITING FOR A SUCCESS BOOK OF ALL THINGS – AND ABOUT THE ENERGY YOU TRANSMIT BEING THE ABSOLUTE KEY TO YOUR SUCCESS – EXACTLY WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING???

Busy Bee

(MAMA Bee can be VERY Forthright and Confronting – not a bad ally to have when one needs a good talking to!)

She adjusted my attitude and my energy BIG TIME and of course the story itself became a teaching tool in my chapter!  Here’s what I had to do to make the shift:


I Let go of my resentment towards myself.  I Let Go of the Time Pressure I was putting myself under.  I Let GO of the investment that I had made in becoming a co-creator with Debbi and the other authors in this book.  I LET GO of the thoughts that I had about what I SHOULD be writing.  I LET GO of expecting that this particular piece of work was going to be bringing ME something.  I LET GO of HAVING to do it.  I just flat out surrendered right then and there.

What do you know – within moments my channel was CLEAR!! I began to RECEIVE!! Mama BEE was there to HELP and TOGETHER we co-created that chapter and EXACTLY ON TIME too!  I sent it off to Debbi by email later that day – haven’t even heard back from her yet as to whether it was received, accepted, approved, when and whether the book is moving forward and you know what??? It DOESN’T matter.  In the end – the whole experience served me (and I hope YOU) much more in the present moment than I ever expected – Funny how that works isn’t it?

So What about YOU???

Where can you let go of the “hanging blobs”? Are your actions in alignment with your intentions? Are you struggling or is your work easy and fun? Have you decided that there is an area of your work or your life where you need help, coaching, mentorship? Do you have positive allies in your life like the Mama Bee who will show up and give you a gentle yet powerful kick in the butt when you need an attitude adjustment? Can you take care of yourself better in any way? How are you expending your energy? How can you save, conserve or concentrate your energy? Are you all over the place or are you focused on what it is you truly desire to be creating? Do you know what it is you want? Have you already accomplished many of your goals and now you are in the ‘waiting’ room not clear on what is next for you? Can you allow yourself the time and the space to stop all the activity for a change and just beeee? Is there some aspect of the “way things are” that just doesn’t sit right with you in the larger world that you can devote your time and talents to?

I would so love to hear your thoughts and comments – please share!

Love lights us… Peace is in you!


I Want a PEA!

PS:  PEAS are being harvested now!  If you are ready for a PERSONAL ENERGY ASSESSMENT – please apply for the opportunity to receive from either myself or my colleague Mikael Sami who assists me in these assessments when there are a lot of applications!