As part of Oprah Winfrey’s search for the next TV star, I’ve submitted my audition for a new show and I would love your support in making this happen.  I need your vote!

The name of the show is Successful in Spirit and it’s designed to showcase the new Conscious Entrepreneur – someone who is guided by Spirit, led by the soul, living their highest destiny and serving the planet in every way.

These evolving entrepreneurs have awakened to who they really are and this show will support, nurture, nourish, validate and normalize their experiences.  Lucky audience members may also qualify to have a Business Makeover with the “I Believe in Your Dream Team.”

Hosted by The Energy Mastery Coach, Amethyst Wyldfyre, Successful in Spirit is sure to catalyze both economic as well as spiritual growth through heart-centered, soul-aligned service via conscious capitalism.

Featuring some of the best and brightest multidimensional transformational coach trainers, artists, performers, speakers, authors and alternative healers, Successful in Spirit wSuccessful In Spiritill spread the seeds of Success and will foster an environment for new ways of thinking, living, acting and serving the world during this time of Great Change on Planet Earth.

Take a look at the audition and please cast your vote…

Thank you for your support and pass along to other Conscious Entrepreneurs as this is a benefit to all!

Love lights us!

Amethyst Wyldfyre