Just when I finally felt like I reached the point of some level of confidence and mastery in speaking and sharing my truth – a new ally has arrived – Silent Mountain!

Silent Mountain

Silent Mountain’s job is to work with me as I learn the value and wisdom in holding my tongue, in keeping silent and in avoiding adding my fuel, my personal power, my energy to conflict or crisis through my use of words and the spoken language.

Silent Mountain is coming in handy now as I face the challenges of parenting a ‘Man’-Boy of 14 going on 45.  Silent Mountain helps me as I navigate differences of opinion on how best to parent this child with my ex-husband his father.  Silent Mountain provides me with strength and the knowledge that this too shall pass and wisdom is to be gained for the whole planet as we all witness the unfolding drama in the Gulf of Mexico.  Silent Mountain holds the energy of many millenia of witnessing the changes, evolution and growth of our Mother Earth and her many children.  Silent Mountain is a good ally to have in times of great distress – devastation – deconstruction and dissolution of the dreams that are dying now so that a new paradigm can be born as Silent Mountain knows how to stay very centered, grounded and most of all present to what is unfolding.

Silent Mountain has actually been working with me without my conscious awareness since the beginning of the year.   I believe this ally came in when I was in Tucson with the Sassy Mastermind.  While there I took the Quantum Leap off a 35 foot pole – but not before spending a few moments looking at the magnificent vista of the Catalina Mountains in front of me.  While there I had new headshots taken with the backdrop of the mountains behind me – here is one – by a magnificent photographer and genuinely authentic soul sister Stacey Canfield of My Image Artist.

The Mountains in my tradition are the place of the Ancestors – the place where we connect with beauty and healing – the place of stored wisdom.  It’s no surprise that when Stacey and I connected she was being called into her higher destiny.  I spent some time with her during our shoot helping her to release a deceased loved one who had become entangled with her soul matrix and was ready to be sent over the rainbow bridge to the place of the Ancestors.  After that we connected even more deeply and she shared with me a dreamvision that she had received on her journey to Miraval.

Having spent a good deal of time in her life sitting with 4 different loved ones through their dying process – she felt called to create a space – online – for others to share their stories and to commune around the experience of
“soulsitting” with someone at the end of their life.  As soon as I heard the idea I KNEW it was something that must be made manifest and I affirmed her vision as well as her intuitive guidance that she recently began receiving from the “grandmothers”.

Stacey became a client in the CORE Path Intensive to release her fears over stepping into this much greater mission.  In less than four months – the Soul Sitters site has been born  – please take a moment to check it out and if you or someone you know is acting as an end of life Soul Sitter – please bookmark this resource and return often.  I’m quite sure too that Stacey would welcome any financial support in the form of donations, grants, bequests, or charitable gifts (I don’t know whether she has 501 status or not – you would have to check with her).

I feel so blessed and honored to have been the witness to this birthing of a place for deathing – Spirit is Funny I do believe – the Cosmic Joke is on us – so I invite you to find those moments that are light, those moments that make you laugh, those moments when you just throw up your hands and surrender to the humor and the paradox, the perplexity and the majesty of it all.

Signing off now – Silent Mountain is advising it’s time for me to be silent again…..

Love Lights Us!!! Peace is in you….