Well it’s now been three and a half months since I broke my wrist and had to take a Break! (Did you see my series of videos about this? Here’s the link in case you missed them:  Break Playlist ) In that time I have had to LET GO of a lot of what I was doing – including posting regular freshly written content on this and on my other blog (The Energy Journey).  I did try to stay in touch with regular vidcasts through the Break Series which was popular with a number of my subscribers however as soon as the cast came off and it was time for recovery – I managed to make one video and that’s been IT for over a month now!

So WHAT has been happening here behind the scenes has been even MORE letting go!  Spirit sent me an angel in the form of Kelly Santos (Xtra Hands) who has been literally serving as my Xtra Hand since early March – Kelly’s REAL gift is not necessarily administrative although she’s been able to fill in on those duties for me as needed – her REAL gift has been in helping me to get Exquisite Clarity on how I want to ORGANIZE my life and my business in a way that serves me EVEN better than before.

What do you know – Kelly is a SPECIALIST in SNAKE Medicine – helping me to be ruthless about shedding old ways of doing things, old patterns, old thoughts about how things are supposed to work and old STUFF in general!  With her help I have made the successful migration to being COMPLETELY mobile!  I can now work virtually anywhere at all – in fact I’m writing this on my back porch at the moment – in the shade – on a GLORIOUS warm spring day with the birds chirping and the wind lifting my hair off the back of my neck.  Mmmmm Heaven!

You can imagine that the ENERGY I am able to bring to this transmission is AMPLIFIED and INTENSIFIED even more by virtue of the fact that I am relaxed, open and being nurtured by time spent DIRECTLY in NATURE!

Since we started with the organizing process of my office last week – when the dust finally settled from shifting all my emails and calendaring systems over to Google and catching up with the backup from traveling several times in March and April – we have disposed of two banker’s boxes of miscellaneous papers along with several pieces of electronics and other assorted things that were no longer serving in my space!  And I thought I was organized!! Think again!

Yesterday we tackled my Creative Work/Ideas pile – outside here on the back porch together – that pile being the more complex one to sort through we saved it and my continuing ed pile for last.  It was a great exercise in DECISION MAKING – and in surrendering and sacrifice (meaning to make sacred).  I have made it part way through the creative pile and have sacrificed another 1/2 a box of stuff in order to keep sacred what is really meaningful and useful moving forward.
A gem that I found in the pile was this little prayer – written in a notebook – along with notes from a course that I took last February with Julie Ann Turner (The Creator’s Guide) which was my first LEAP out into the big world of delivering my services and message to a wider audience via the internet and via attendance and networking at live events.

If Only (Return to the Garden)

If Only I could let myself be

If Only I could see

That I am a child of Limitless Light

There is nothing to fear in the Heat of the Night

Only my own thoughts can cause me to shake

Open my eyes – Help me to Awake

Remind me of the Splendor of Pure Love so fine

As in every moment I show up and SHINE

I AM the Light and I AM the Love

Sent Forth with GREAT JOY from the Heavens above

Open my heart, my wings and my mind

Take down the illusion that would make us all blind

We come singing now with voices so sweet

and lay down our praises at Great Mother’s feet

Thank you and Thank you and Thank you some more

Never again to be hungry or poor

We rise up now and stand tall in our place

the Brothers and SISTARS of the New Rainbow Race

All colors, all cultures, all ages, all times

We are here now to sound the Great Chimes

Announcing the ending of one Paradigm

Restoring the Glory of Life so sublime

Remember, Remember the time is now here.

It is your hearts journey and you will be clear

Return to the Garden come one and come all!

Realize sweet children there’s now way to fall

For I AM Holding you right at my breast

All goodness is here, sweet babies now Rest.