So much shifting happens at the change of seasons from winter into spring – life just bursts out all over the place and the energy is high and rising! I love May – the weather is glorious, not too hot, not to cold – like Goldilocks said it’s JUST RIGHT! This month I want to talk about the importance of how profoundly MENTORSHIP has impacted my life.

For those of you who have been following my journey over the last 10 years, we’ve shared a lot of ups and downs and always along the way an incredible amount of expansion and growth. The funny thing I learned in the last year is that as much as I THOUGHT I knew about business and about how to be successful, there was A LOT I still had to learn.

For any of you who have been called to travel a transformational journey where you were deeply steeped in one discipline and then left it to pursue another – you will relate completely to the feeling of often being lost or in a fog about best next steps for you and your business – and while my SPIRITUAL Guidance is always present for me (just as it is for you), I have ALWAYS found that PRACTICAL Guidance comes in the form of beings who have traveled the journey before me!

Whether your journey is Spiritual or Entrepreneurial (or in all likelihood some combination of both), I urge you to look at those who have gone ahead of you on the path and seek mentorship from whomever you resonate with the most at this time (or who you are directly guided to work with by your “upstairs team”). Whatever your best next steps are for you, your business, your relationships or your connection to Source I know for sure that it’s WAY easier to follow a path that has already been laid out – than to HACK your way through making a new trail.

Now I want you to know I’m not saying it isn’t a great thing to be a trailblazer (been there and doing that), what I am saying is there are OFTEN aspects of the journey where you get to walk, ride or fly over a CLEAR path because someone has gone before you. I urge you to look with a clean and clear eye at what might be “missing” for you in your journey right now – where you might be better served by adding RESOURCES in the form of Mentorship.

Whether it’s Energy Mastery, Communications Mastery, Money Mastery, Relationship Mastery, or some other area of your life that is calling to be improved – I’ll bet there is someone out there SPECIFICALLY ATTUNED to provide you with the INITIATION and ACTIVATION that will serve you best right now.

All you need to do is BE OPEN and KNOW. When you KNOW this is the right next step – and you KNOW that you are being guided and you KNOW that you are really really ready to INVEST the time, the money and the energy in making the change – MIRACULOUS things happen and the universe ALIGNS dramatically and perfectly in your favor supporting your decision to leave behind your “comfortable” old skin and leap into a whole new experience of who you really are and who you are becoming!

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