I’m so excited to be a part of the upcoming Spiritual Entrepreneur Masterclass hosted by my colleague Dr. Lisa Turner.  It features 20 of the World’s Leading Spiritual Entrepreneurs, including yours truly!

This complimentary event starts Monday, May 17th and runs thru Friday, May 21st.

This event is specifically designed to provide inspiration and guidance to Spiritual Entrepreneurs who want to start living their big mission in this lifetime – and now!  You’ll learn about your source energy and how to use it to guide you to your success by harnessing it as a force for doing good in the world.

Lisa Turner

Lisa Turner

There will be discussions about 2012 and its implications to you – personally and professionally.  We’ll talk about our personal stories — how we overcame challenges, removed blocks to our success and connected with our divine energy to align our passion and purpose – all while making profits!

Confirmed speakers as of the date of this posting include Bernadette Doyle, Baeth Davis, Kevin Nations, Eva Gregory, Richard White, Patricia Wilson, Thomas Power, Michele PW, Wendy Howard, Hannah McNamara, Wilma Allen, me :), Christine Kloser, Nancy Marmolejo, Alexis Neely, Suzanne Falter Barns, Laura West, Jennifer Urezzio, and host of the event, Dr. Lisa Turner.

I know you can benefit from attending this event. See you soon.  To sign up for this complimentary experience … http://budurl.com/z6mk

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