When we move through a trauma experience not only do we need to do physical healing but we also need to remember to make time and space for the RECOVERY of our former wellness and good health. Do you know when to ACT and when to BE STILL?  Do you find yourself constantly engaging in the habit of over work, over booking, over extending and being over whelmed?  This habitual pattern of behavior drains your life force energy and quite literally “sets you up” for another trauma/drama experience to slow you down and stop all the flailing about that  is really getting you NOWHERE fast!  When you are able to clear these old patterns and get into a rhythm and align with your own natural energetic patterns, ebbs and flows you will find that you are not only much wiser but also MUCH more effective and capable of delivering your great gifts to the world!  Sometimes we need HELP with clearing old patterns that have embedded into our psychic anatomy (soul’s blueprint, luminous energy field).  That HELP can also include assistance with RECOVERING lost energy, lost power, lost gifts and lost soul lessons.  Interested in finding out more?  If you are resonating with any of this then I’d love to have you investigate taking the next steps for yourself that may lead you to greater clarity and openness as well as recovering and energizing for creating the life and work that is coming to you in your dreams!  Please fill out the SOS application form (see link above) and we’ll get you into the queue for consideration and scheduling!