Are you ready for your Spiritual Purpose to manifest itself? Each season, we have an opportunity to assess ourselves – at all levels – to determine what is serving us and what is not.

Now is the time for you to clear, cleanse, release and finally let go of things that are not aligned with your Higher Purpose.

It’s time to work on the mental, emotional and physical aspects of your being by engaging in a Spiritual Spring Cleaning!

Join me on Wednesday, April 14, 2010 at 2 pm Eastern for a full hour of activities including sound healing, guided meditations, shamanic medicine work, activations, distant healing, channeled messages and more.  I’ll also be helping you to clear and balance your chakras and luminous energy field.

During this program, you’ll learn to

•    Release old Stuck Energies that are holding you back from enjoying life
•    Open with ease to New Beginnings
•    Make space for Spirit and Abundance
•    Connect with your Soul Family
•    Receive vital Healing and Illumination
•    Restore your Natural Energetic Glow and Vitality
•    Welcome Beautiful Spring!

If you want to free yourself from feelings of “being stuck” and work on balancing your energies for optimal results, please join me on Wednesday afternoon.

Enjoy this complimentary experience: