Uncover Your Brilliance & Start living by the “You Can Have it All” Rule — Stop Climbing Struggle Mountain, Get off Wallow Island and Get on the True Purpose Train!

Join me and my special guest, Natasha Abudarham, Europe’s Life Transformation Specialist, on Apr 9 at 4 pm ET.

Natasha Abudarham, Europe’s Life Transformation Specialist, is an Inspirational Speaker, Workshop Leader & Presenter, Column Writer & Radio Show Host of “Europe’s Secret to Success.” She accidentally discovered her life’s purpose after being led on a journey of self discovery she hadn’t anticipated. Within 6 months, she released years of physical pain such as headaches, migraines, back and neck problems, low immune system function, emotional pain and much more.

Natasha also developed a love for speaking and leading workshops — something she had a huge fear of for many years. Along with her transformation came an inner confidence, peace and fulfillment she never knew was possible. Natasha’s transformation was so remarkable that she literally woke up one morning with a deep knowing that she was being called to do something very different with her life.

Born in UK, living in Belgium, she now travels the world and works with people who are ready to make their life the number one priority and, in turn, experience transformations that take them way beyond what they perceive possible. Natasha says, “We are all brilliant, we just have to start believing in ourselves and ask the right questions. Once we get onto the right pathway, we can achieve anything and everything, the world is our oyster.” If you’re ready to uncover your brilliance and “Have It All,” make sure to join us Friday!

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Friday, Apr 9, 2010, 4 pm ET