The Power of Visioning with Vision Boards and Possibility Portraits

Join me and my special guest, Pamela Moss, to discuss the power of visioning with vision boards and “possibility portraits” on Friday, Apr 2, 2010, 4 pm ET.

Pamela loves helping others see what lights them up. From homeschooling mom, author, and PhD, to artist, workshop leader and entrepreneur, Pamela will share her powerful journey of what led her to start Inner Vision Portraits. She’ll be sharing the fascinating details about the power of visioning by creating vision boards and “possibility portraits” — what they are, how to create them and how they can transform your personal and professional life.

Pamela’s work is featured in the Spirituality bestseller, “The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life” by Joyce Schwartz, along with teachers from The Secret, Hollywood stars, Olympic athletes, and people around the world who are using vision boards and possibility portraits to create the life of their dreams.  Join us Friday, April 2!

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Friday, Apr 2, 2010, 4 pm ET