Mark your calendars … Mar 1, 2010 – Mar 5, 2010 …

Join me and 14 extraordinary women entrepreneurs for the forthcoming free International Telesummit How To Harness Your Personal Power and Transform Your Life and Business.

You will discover how 15 extraordinary women entrepreneurs have created their own success. How their own personal stories have shaped their success, what they have done to overcome obstacles and tragedy, and key factors they believe have allowed them to harness their own inner power to ensure their success.

During this tele-summit you will discover:

  • How you can make consistent, on-demand transformations in your life, no matter what stage you are at, regardless of what’s gone before
  • How to take a new look at failures and how that can transform how you achieve
  • You will learn how to really understand persistence and what it can do for you and your business
  • All the things you didn’t know about taking decisions and how that will open doors you didn’t know were there
  • How to discover your ‘burning desire’ and why you need one

Here’s that link to reserve your spot: