I’m just back and finally re-aligned with the home/office environment following an almost 2 week journey to the southwest that was filled with transformation, synchronicity and a calling to go deeper, look wider and play bigger.  The sign above was in the airport on my way out of town back in mid January – too funny how prophetic it was for me!

Part one of my trip was spent in Las Vegas in the Love Your Clients, Love Your Business, Love Your Life event with Kevin Nations. There I was able to connect and play with many soul family members and I was called to really take a flying leap of faith and invest – HEAVILY – in myself and my business – becoming a DIAMOND Mastermind Client in Kevin’s Love Mastermind 2010. I’ll be deeply engaged in the process and practice of learning how to care for myself so much better, to serve my clients with much greater abandon and to craft and create experiences for both myself and my clients that are deeply, powerfully and passionately transformative. I’m really ready to soar now and I think that this little investment in myself and my business is going to provide the ROCKET FUEL for taking off in a big way. Since our thoughts create our reality – staying focused on that thought is going to be a powerful tool for me to work with in the coming months when the fear storms and panic parties decide to make a visit!

During the second half of my adventure (the Sassy Mastermind with Lisa Sasevich – held in Tucson at Miraval Spa & Resort) I was called to make another LEAP – this time quite literally off of a 35 foot pole atop which was a teeny tiny platform that was 1′ x 2′ in area. My partner for that little step up was Lisa Cherney of Stand Out and Be Juicy Fame – she and I were required to go towards the end in our small group – mostly because we normally are the type to just GO FOR IT.   This was really powerful in a number of ways – it allowed those who would normally “stand back” “wait it out” “watch to see what happens” and then “maybe I’ll do it after someone else goes” people to step up and become empowered.  It was truly magical to watch the first woman Helen get up there – all the time saying “I can’t do this – I can’t” and then coaching herself right out of it and saying LOUDLY for all to hear – I CAN yes I CAN do this! I CAN!  I’m DOING it I CAN!!  Amazing.  Here’s the video of my Jump for Joy!  Why? Because LEADERS Leap!!

So what’s all this got to do with joy and the title of my post?  Well one of the exercises in the mastermind was a process of finding the words to describe the benefits of our work.  This is an area that I’ve been really working hard at crystallizing for myself over the last several months.  Words are the bridges that we use to reach out and touch those who are waiting to find the great work that will transform their lives and bring them to a higher level of awareness and understanding of their true purpose and greatness. With out the words to create that bridge it’s pretty challenging to illuminate a path that might be useful for those people to take and what has been doubly frustrating for me has been the fact that I am constantly told how gifted I am with my writing.

Lisa Cherney & Me before the Quantum Leap!

The thing about writing to engage folks in a conversation that ultimately leads to an engagement for services is that it is a wildly different animal then writing to share, to educate or to inspire (although all of those aspects are also included in the best of sales writing).  Creating an E- emotional connection is a powerful force to help activate people into making the decision to engage which is the first step on the transformational journey that EVERYONE must make on their own.  When writing the marketing/sales materials – our work is to create clarity and connection that will allow the reader to see themselves in the words – where they are RIGHT NOW – as well as to identify that this particular type of transformative work will take them where they REALLY WANT TO BE  – at least to the extent that it gets them on the phone to have a deeper dialog or helps them to decide to enroll in this or that teleclass, workshop or experience.

Again what does that have to do with the title of this post?  Well in my small group on the night that we were exploring the marketing component of our business and trying to get at the language that describes our benefits – one of the words that kept coming through for me and for one of my other partners in the group was joy.

So here was the exercise:  Pick just ONE benefit of your services – I picked “This work will help you learn to set and maintain clear boundaries”.  The next step was for us to talk about what the benefit of that benefit was – so the question that our other team members were asked to ask us was “What’s the benefit of that?” several times – and each time we had to go deeper and deeper into the benefit of the benefit.  One of the team members was the scribe and here’s what he wrote for me:

“This work will help you learn to set and maintain clear boundaries” – What’s the benefit of that?

“You’ll have greater empowerment around decisions” – What’s the benefit of that?

“When u can set boundaries clearly, your energy doesn’t get drained” – What’s the benefit of that?

“If you lose your energy, you’re aren’t able to make a powerful decision” – What’s the benefit of that?

“You’re able to be in your energetic integrity, your not losing your power when you set your boundaries” – What’s the benefit of that?

“You are able to make decisions and interact with people from a place of fullness, you’re really in your power” – What’s the benefit of that?

“You have a sense of fullness, you feel whole.  – you don’t feel torn in a lot of different directions you feel more full” – What’s the benefit of that?

“When you feel full you are able to serve at the highest level” – What’s the benefit of that?

“When you serve at the highest level you are living your purpose” – What’s the benefit of that?

“If you are living your purpose, you come into a place of joy”

I was really JOYOUS when I walked into Miraval and was greeted by a Butterfly Amethyst!

At that point my time was up – and I had landed at the NEBULOUS place – that place called JOY.  There is an energy and a vibration that JOY holds – that if you haven’t experienced it yourself can be quite difficult to describe – there are some things that are beyond words, joy is one of them.  It’s kind of like trying to describe to someone what it’s like to be a parent when they’ve never had a child – virtually impossible.   However just because it’s difficult to describe DOES NOT mean that it’s impossible to attain.  In fact the place of joy is a very real and tangible place on the spectrum of vibrations and it’s something that can not only be reached but cultivated.

One of the most heart opening and transformational teachers whose work facilitated my own transformation to a space where I can and regularly do access joy is Marianne Williamson – in her book A Return To Love – I found permission to love myself enough to end my first marriage and I credit Marianne’s wisdom and guidance accessed through her writings with setting me firmly on my path to awakening.  In fact I still have her books on my shelf and I’ve got a perpetual calendar on my kitchen counter that I go to every day for a dose of Marianne’s wisdom and inspiration – today’s is so appropriate to this blog post that I want to share it with you all:

“Joy is our goal, our destiny.  We cannot know who we are except  in joy.  Not knowing joy, we do not know ourselves.  When we are without joy, we grope in the dark.  When we are without joy, we grope in the dark.  When we are centered in joy, we attain our wisdom.”  (Marianne Williamson from her perpetual calendar A Year of Daily Wisdom)

Are you searching for the joy in your life?  Do you often wonder – where has all the joy gone? Do you ever think – I’m working so hard and I just can’t seem to get out of my own way? Maybe you’ve said to yourself  “I wonder what’s wrong with me – Why does the Law of Attraction work for everyone but me?” Perhaps you’ve struggled with setting clear boundaries yourself – maybe you’ve thought “I just wish everyone would leave me alone so I can get stuff done and create what I want without interruption”  Perhaps you are challenged with decision making – thinking or feeling like you are never quite sure whether you’ve made the right choice about anything in your life or business.  If you’ve had any of these questions  or thoughts come up for you it might be time for you to do something about it – I’d love the chance to offer you a Personal Energy Assessment or if you are an entrepreneur we could do a Business Energy Evaluation Session.   Please contact my team at team@amethystwyldfyre.com or click on the tab above that says SOS Application Form and fill out the short questionnaire that will give us some additional information about you that will aid in our work together.  I look forward to serving you as you make YOUR leap into a joyous experience of life & work!