What If 100 Passionate Info-Preneurs Came Together to Raise Their Impact, Their Business, Their Vibration AND their Platform to the Next Level?

Helping and healing professionals

•    Passionate solopreneurs… are you looking to increase your impact and make a difference in the world?

•    Perfect your niche, brand and market on the web, and unleash your energy to make it happen in a powerful way

•    Learn how to marry your spiritual energetic connection with your business

•    Discover what truly sets you apart — create your perfect platform for more business success

•    Enlightened leaders have strong platforms … they attract more business than they know what to do with! … learn how

Find out on Friday, March 5th in Austin, Texas at the Perfect Platform Revival!

Friend and colleague, Suzanne Falter-Barnes, will be hosting a several day event … and I’ll be there, too, leading an Energy Shifting Immersion program.

I’m really excited about this event because it’s the perfect opportunity for taking a good, hard look at your platform and for tuning it up for more success.  Network and meet with other highly motivated entrepreneurs who want to do the exact same thing.

At the conclusion of this wonderful multi-day event, join me as I host the Energy Shifting Immersion.

What’s the Energy Shifting Immersion program?

Starting at noon on Sunday, March 7, 2009 (complimentary lunch, included), I’ll be guiding participants thru a variety of exercises that are focused on grounding, balancing and integrating the new energy and expanded awareness that you tapped into as a result of participating in the Revival!

You’ll return home feeling cleansed, activated, and energized — empowered, supported, clear and inspired to put your platform into gear!

And more …

And, there’s 5 Juicy Bonuses … An old-fashioned Spiritualist Salon with channel Eva Gregory, a copy of Suzanne Falter-Barnes’ Build Your Perfect Platform Now teleclass series, downloads (mp3s and PDFs) of My Coming Out of Hiding recordings, downloads of Build Your Perfect Platform Teleclass Series (available after Dec 2 — so you can work on your platform before you show up in Austin), and the Platform Journeyers Support Forum so you can connect with others who are along for the ride with you.

The recap …

A packed and powerful two and a half days with Suzanne Falter-Barnes in Austin (Friday and Saturday, 9-5, then Sunday from 9 to Noon ET) and 5 fantastic bonuses…

An additional opportunity to sign up for my Energy Shifting Immersion that takes place on Sunday afternoon — immediately after the Perfect Platform Revival.

The details …
What: The Perfect Platform Revival
Where: The Omni Hotel in Austin, TX
When: Friday, March 5 to Sunday, March 7, 2010

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