I wanted to share this awesome video with you – you know I’ve been seeing this and feeling this and knowing this for so long – the whole last decade for me was spent in my own awakening and remembering process – in lifting the fog, clearing the illusion, remembering my power and stepping into my role as a co-creator of the new dream – we are the dreamers – this is OUR dream!! Would love to help any of you who are JUST NOW starting to awaken – stand on my shoulders – it doesn’t have to take you a decade – it can be accomplished in a much shorter time frame now – the energy is here to support your germination and growth!  Did you know that there are seed pods that lie dormant on the forest floor for 100 years or more and it takes the INTENSE HEAT of a WYLDFYRE to germinate those seeds so that they can grow?  I’d love to Spark YOU up and awaken those seeds of light that I know are there deep in your soul matrix – just WAITING to germinate so that they can provide you with fruit to feed yourself, your family and generations to come!  Seeds of LIGHT!  Seeds of PEACE!  Seeds of JOY!! Seeds of ABUNDANCE!! Won’t you consider connecting with me for a strategy session so we can LIGHT the Spark – Ignite the FLAME within your being and GERMINATE those seeds today???  Apply for this unique opportunity to get some intimate one on one time with me! Send email to the A team!  team@amethystwyldfyre.com with the subject line – Send me an Application I’m ready to be FYRED UP!

Love Lights Us!! Peace is in you…..