Have you noticed???? OMGoodness – since the beginning of the year – passing through that Blue Moon, Lunar Eclipse, Turn of the Decade night on 1/1/10 the vibration has really stepped up dramatically into a whole new zone of joy, lightheartedness, laughter, and can we say virtually INSTANT manifestation???? 

We’ve had the whole past decade to awaken, remember who we are, and begin to practice and hone our ability to manifest more and more rapidly.  Now we are in a vibe that is exponentially higher and more responsive to our every desire.  Thus it is vital that all those lessons that we’ve been learning about what it is we don’t want are now integrated at every level.

On New Year’s Day I was visiting with a friend in upstate New York – we had a beautiful cold, snowfilled day by the fire – filled with sacred ceremony, healing and setting of intentions.  It was suggested to me that I might want to consider creating a vision board and I hesitated – why?  Well deep within me I KNEW (my primary mode of “receiving” divine guidance is Claircognizance) that if I actually sat down and created a vision board that I would be tapping into my deep and profound POWER to create and I’d better be darn sure what it was that I wanted to create before starting.

This knowing has proven to be incredibly accurate – that part of me KNEW that THIS YEAR and particularly right now at the beginning of the year when the “opening note” of the year is being sounded the manifestation would be fast and furious!  What has happened already? Well IMMEDIATELY, the day after I manifested something on my board – and the next day, and the next and the next – it’s been truly astonishing to me (even though I knew it was there energetically) how instantaneous the process of manifestation is becoming!  At the rate I’m going it’s going to be a lot less than a year before everything on that board is manifested!!
So what does that all have to do with consistency and focus??? Well for one thing – the vision board is allowing me to CRYSTALLIZE (read manifest) my desires – it’s providing me with a FOCUS, a focal point, a diving board shall we say that allows me to jump into the deep end of the pool – into the dark sea of awareness – into the void of creation – and begin to attract, draw forth and magnetize to myself all that is in the vision.  It also allows me the grace of staying consistent to myself and my goals, dreams and desires.  It’s a VISUAL ALTAR and a constant reminder to my subconscious, conscious and superconscious mind that this is what my heart desires right now.  I am able to keep myself CLEAR from distraction and to very quickly discern if something is showing up in my field that is NOT what I want so that I don’t waste any time, energy or life force engaging with what is not in alignment with my vision for my life at this time.

This makes it EASY!  Easy to shed, clear and remove what doesn’t serve – and Woo HOO Lucky for us we are also in Mercury Retrograde – a PERFECT time for re-ordering, re-organizing, re-prioritizing and re-leasing!  This led me to getting a lot of clarity on the activities that I was engaging in that are sustaining the vision and making the commitment to consistently focus on those and to RUTHLESSLY let go of anything that is going to drain me or create an obstacle to attaining the vision.

Re-organized my office to more clearly re-flect my new desires too – here’s a little video of that:

My whole life I’ve been an achiever, and I’ve also always felt a bit (ok sometimes more than a bit) out of step with the rest of the collective consciousness – for a long time I carried the secret fear that there was something wrong with me – but the truth is that I was in many ways ahead of the people and circumstances around me and just didn’t have a clear vision of where I was in relationship to the all.  Each of us has a unique and distinct gift to share – each of us contributes to the whole – (have you seen the movie AVATAR – Run and see it asap if you haven’t  – it ROCKS!) and each of us comes into our harvest in our own uniquely and divinely destined time.

Sometimes we do get knocked “off track” though – what we dreamed for ourselves turns into something else when we engage in the collective illusion of “how things are done”.  If you are feeling like you are ready to create your next grandest vision of your life and where you want it to go – if you are ready to step in to the drivers seat and take your power and if you are feeling (like I was before making my board) more than a little hesitant – if you are caught in a FEAR STORM or maybe if you are just ready to make a leap and needing that little extra BOOST of energy that will get you out of your “seat of do nothing” – I’d like to invite you to apply for a strategy session with me – there are a limited number of slots available this month as I am traveling for continuing education myself – so please contact my team for an application if you are feeling the “vibe” to get a strategic overview of your lifepath and business options for the year ahead!  Please request an application by sending an email with the subject line – Send me an App! to team@amethystwyldfyre.com.

Now enrolling for the February session of the CORE PATH Intensive – contact me directly at 603-594-2744 if you have questions about this program or would like to explore more deeply what this work can do for you!