WOW – what a year 2009 was – a whalloping end to an incredibly transformative decade – the first 10 years of this millenium certainly portend that things are going to be different and in a very big way – the breeding ground for the explosion of a whole new consciousness paradigm and for the massive deconstruction of old concepts, mindsets, emotional patterning and self and cultural definitions.
We have seen the rise of a wholly new level of transparency, a resurgence of Spirituality and an awakening to higher forms of life in the form of angelic beings who are guiding us and assisting the birthing of a whole new species of being – the homo luminous.

If you are connecting with this posting – in all likelihood you have either already been awakened to your higher potentials or the seeds that have been lying dormant within you are beginning to germinate.  The journey of a germinating seed is not always the most comfortable of experiences – but there is a deep drive, a deep thrusting forward towards the light that can not be denied and will overcome all obstacles because it is the drive towards LIFE itself.

Many who are connecting to this missive have made the passage or are well in progress with their germination process – if you are still “in the dark” not to worry – the fire within you will continue to propel you through your growth and into your higher aspects.  Your destiny will draw you forth – like a giant hand from the future reaching out to bring out the best in you.

As we stand here at the end of this decade we are called to bring to completion all that we have left in the form of unfinished business – calling forth those past life and present life experiences that may still be holding a “charge” and inviting that energy to be released from our fields and consumed by Mother Earth.

I invite you to take this sacred time to truly sit in silence – to enjoy this pause in the “between” time – and to allow all the density that may still be lingering in your energy field to release you now.  It is time to complete.    If you have been laying the foundations for what your next steps will be on the journey it’s time to come to completion with that as well – it will not serve you any longer to continue to tweak this or that to get the foundation into some form of perceived perfection – it’s time now to FRAME your house.  The foundation has been laid – it’s time to say – “Good Enough” and move on.

Trust that the most solid foundation is your connection with Earth – make sure that connection is strong and present at all times and the “temporary” foundations of your creations will be just fine – they will serve you as long as they need to and then they too will pass away as new creations call to be born.

As you complete this foundational work – realize that the “etheric blueprint” for your journey – for the “place where you will live now”  is already accessible to you and is easily re-worked if you wish to make any changes or additions along the way!    One of the themes that is coming through energetically at the moment along with completion is the need for congruency.

After the “shake ups” of this decade – much needed and catalytic for the creation of the new – it’s time to take a good look at what the new will be for you and to get very very clear on what your focus and concentration will be on going forward.  It’s really important now to be congruent – to put form to your work – to map out a rough plan of where you are going and how you want to get there and to give yourself just enough form to allow yourself to function but not so much that your creativity and openness to Spirit is stifled.

It’s important to be congruent – to have things line up in a way that they make sense somehow – to have your actions be in alignment with your intentions.  When you settle into a space of feeling safe  you are able to feel free to create and serve with abandon.  As stated above the ROOTING into the Mother is your surest and most beneficial way of cultivating that feeling of safety and security  – settling in – spiraling in to Mother – is not the same as settling for – you are called now to SHINE your GREATEST LIGHT – that means NOT SETTLING for anything less than you absolutely deserve to receive in the form of respect, being valued, in relationship, in your work, & of course most importantly in how you treat yourself.

It’s time to create the NEW – complete what doesn’t work any more and clear the slate for new creations, new experiences, new adventures, new levels of service, new connections, new beginnings, new relationships, new life!  Enjoy the blessings of the peace that is in you!  Enjoy the thrill of the adventure!  Enjoy the journey of joy that you are embarking upon!  Be the light that you are and remember always to shine fully and completely in congruency with the highest aspects of your sacred self!

If you are a high achieving healer, artist, performer, author, speaker or Passionpreneur who’s really ready to take your game up to the next level, if you are ready to hone and refine your edge and serve and deliver more effectively and accurately than ever before then perhaps it’s time for you to have a little strategy session to help you map out the next best steps for you on your journey!  Applications are now being taken for complimentary sessions with me – please make a request to for the form!
Blessings of the season to you – Love LIGHTS US – Peace is IN YOU….


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