Well I made it through the 21 day Fast Track with some good success in making shifts both large and small in my routines –  I COMPLETED the program which is great! This is a big intention for me here at the end of the year – to get things COMPLETED!

I definitely enjoyed the journey with JJ – posted below are the last 3 videos  plus the “next steps” on the journey for me!  (there was definitely a delay in getting these posted – and I feel so great now that I’ve COMPLETED this project that I assigned to myself.

Day 19 – Substitutes for Sugar – The Stevia Experiment:

Day 20 – Back from Traveling – Looking for More Hints! (JJ Provided a lot of info about how to manage while traveling – I think I missed the call on this while I was traveling – so will have to go back and listen – a little loose end that needs completing!!)  Wow I look TIRED in this video – time to get some good rest!! Adequate sleep is a cornerstone of JJ’s program!

Day 21 – I found this video – Thought I had forgotten to do the 21st day so I actually made 2 that have me talking about the 21st day – this was the actual 21st day video where I’m sharing my journal – this is where I recorded all the food intake and so forth over the course of the program.  Dont’ you love the blue butterfly??

So here are the next steps for me on the JJ Journey – This was filmed several days after completing the 21 day fast track and I thought I had missed filming day 21 – so this is 21 A or maybe 22?  Taking GOOD – no EXQUISITE care of  yourself is so important.  In the last 6 months or so of my life I’ve really made the commitment to myself to be really really mindful of what I need to do and the practices I want to have in place to keep me functioning at my optimal or peak levels of performance – so I’ve been willing to invest quite a bit in myself and my personal well being – as a solo entrepreneur and also as someone who is focused on helping people to be at their best energetically I better be walking my talk you know what I mean?  So we’re off to the lab now to see about those extra inches and to discover what else may be going on in the “hidden realms” inside my physical body.  Will keep you posted on the results!

Are you someone who starts a lot of stuff – you have a zillion projects going on at once and can get yourself totally overwhelmed?  Do you ever have challenges in coming to full completion with what you started? Are you someone who gets really JAZZED by starting new things but have a whole bunch of unfinished stuff lying around your office or your home staring at you with the energy of “unfinished business”?  Do you have “unfinished business” with any of your relationships that could be surfaced, healed and brought to closure?

If you do perhaps you might be a bit ungrounded – there are ways that we can help with that – just like JJ is helping me with self care and proper diet, nutrition and exercise routines I can help you with your energy fitness!! Consider applying for a complimentary strategy session with me – I’m now taking applications to fill my calendar into next year- please make a request to my team at team@theenergyjourney.com – they’ll send you out a form to apply right away!

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