I don’t know if you were aware or not but we have passed through not just one but two 11:11:11 gateways here at the tale end of 2009 and along with the energies of the entry into the Mayan Sixth Night we have been transported to the place where everything that’s hidden in the dark is going to be pushing it’s way quite forcefully into the light.  Many times we “hide” that which we fear to share – and when it goes into that hiding place – energy starts to build there.  The longer we try to hide, the longer we try to suppress the more volatile the energy becomes and the more damaging and explosive the eventual release of that energy is.  At a global level we are seeing over and over and over again that the desire to hide and to keep in the dark is being surpassed by the energies that support total authentic expression and transparency.

The recent revelations in many areas of interest from the scientific community with the exposure of “doctored” facts about Global Warming to the world of sports with the recent “taming of the Tiger” the truth is surfacing whether those who have chosen to hide it behind webs of illusion like it or not!

What does this mean for you?? Well of course it’s time for you too to get ever more transparent and ever more clear on what is truly meaningful to you and what is just a false front that you are creating in hopes that the world will see you in the way you would like to be seen.  If you are a healer or expert in the field of transformational coaching or training and you have issues in ANY area of your life where things are out of balance it’s time NOW to take an active and participatory role in coming clean – first with yourself and then with any beings that you feel would be positively impacted by your transparency.  I have found for me this means being really open and clear about my business and life and sharing my stories and experiences as authentically as possible.  When I share with you – my prayer is that it will help you to feel safer, more confident, stronger and more fearless in exposing yourself and your own areas of challenge so that you can release the energy that you are using to create the “mask” that you are showing to the rest of your world.  Additionally my prayer is that by sharing these stories you will see that you are not alone in your feelings, your experiences and your desires for shifting and growth.

Culturally and societally we’ve been intensely conditioned to create a “false front” to keep things hidden and in the closet.  We’ve been shamed and punished and persecuted and perhaps even executed in more than one lifetime for expressing ourselves authentically and naturally and expectedly we’ve created psychic shields and defense mechanisms to give us some sense of safety and security but those walls are now coming tumbling down – there is no longer any energetic support for that which is not your highest truth to be expressed.   When you try to withhold that truth, when you try to escape it in any way, deny it or bury it deep behind a façade there are bound to be consequences on the physical level that will impede your capacity to be able to manifest and have any kind of lasting impact or effect on your creation.

Authentic expression requires that you give yourself the time and the space and the permission to get incredibly clear on what you have already created for yourself.  It’s time to take a live inventory and really examine closely and concretely all that you have going on in your world.  Are you in your dreams? REALLY??? Or are you still in the dreaming – pretending that ONE DAY you’ll have what you want and in the meantime settling and pretending that what you have is what you want when in reality there are some things that really need to change and fast.  Are you physically ill – are you tired and exhausted all the time – is your body speaking to you in any way that things are out of alignment??? This is the best place of all to start because when things have gotten to the point that the body is reflecting them back to us you can be pretty sure that the wound can be surfaced and is really really ready to go.

Are you unhappy in your emotional life?? Do you have strong friendships and relationships outside of your work and family?  Is your family life chugging along smoothly or is there a speedbump every minute?  Are you engaged and present for those you love the most or have you withdrawn into your own world to avoid the hurt and pain of connecting with people who you feel don’t REALLY love you or support your needs and desires? Is it possible you believe this because you don’t REALLY love yourself?  Have you submitted yourself to a life of servitude and hopelessness because you feel you made a commitment that you can’t break even though inside you are dying?? When was the last time you shed some sacred tears for yourself?
At the mental level are you still carrying on a WAR of words inside your head that says you are a lousy this that or another thing /being? Do you go through the rollercoaster of speaking positive and thinking negative?  Is your head so full of “to do’s” that you have created the illusion of absolutely NO TIME to be???  Are you saying one thing and consistently finding yourself doing another and then catching yourself and wondering why am I back HERE again?  Are you whining to your self in your inner dialogue?  Why Why Why?  Are you constantly cycling through the Victim, Rescuer, Perpetrator roles keeping that energy of trauma/drama going strong because it’s the only time you really feel like you have some sort of a reason for being here? Oh and by the way does THAT get you some of the attention that you feel you deserve to have from others in your world – regardless of what kind of attention it is (and most often it looks positive on the surface and then turns to crap when you’ve spent a little time really getting to know the other person) .   Did you know that your thoughts can be read?  Does that make you feel scared and exposed to know that there are those who have been activated to see right through you and your machinations to make things appear or seem different then they really are?  Are you lying to yourself every time you set an intention to change, grow or shift out of these old patterns when you know at a deeper level that you’ve barely got the energy to get up in the morning because you are beat, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually?  Are you a liar?  Are you lying to yourself about anything at all – because if you aren’t in your integrity the jig is up!

Wow – a LOT of closet cleaning there – and let me tell you – there’s an easy way and a hard way to do that cleansing.  Did you know that you are an energetic being at the highest levels of your existence and that “bugs” in the program – energetic “short circuits” created by drama/trauma in this life, in your previous lives and in the lives of your ancestral lineage are directly tied to all that “gunk” we just surfaced that is created by us and weaves the collective web of illusion that we are all engaged in supporting with our thoughts, emotions and actions in our world.  This stuff – all this stuff is rooted in FEAR – and the greatest fear is fear itself as Winston Churchill would say – the FEAR of being “found out” is a biggie.  Finding out that YOU are an incredibly, infinitely powerful creator and that you’ve been creating this gunk for yourself all along places you squarely in the position of responsibility.  You can not create a world of dreams from a place of FEAR.  Only by moving THROUGH fear – by making a journey that is a RITE OF PASSAGE can you create that world of your dreams that can only come into being when you are AUTHENTICALLY and at every level expressing who you really are.

Thankfully there were ancestors, teachers, healers and carriers of the lineage of light who have held the technologies and tools for humanity’s awakening through aeons of time and in to the present.  Thankfully there are  – like the old Led Zeppelin song –  two paths you can go by….  There is an easy way – are you ready to surrender to easy???  Is it time to surrender and let go of all your self created suffering?  Are you ready to engage at the soul level to clean out those closets once and for all and take up your birthright and divine power to create a truly magnificent reality of peace, harmony, goodness, truth, beauty, justice, equality, freedom, and unity?  There’s still time to change the road you’re on.

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May your new year be filled to overflowing with prosperity and purpose.

Peace and infinite blessings of light,

Amethyst Wyldfyre