Tried to upload Day 16 video THREE times – ok!  I won’t push the river – it was a little shot of what I had packed for my road trip to Phoenix – my protein powder, paleo fiber, supplements etc. — Letting it go – if I can upload it later and get the thing to work for me I’ll edit this post and include it later!

So on to day 17 – had lunch with the lovely Lisa Cherney and the Magnificent Michele PW!  We enjoyed getting time together at the Evolve Live event where we were all speaking to the group that was gathered- here we are after lunch talking about dessert and Lisa’s success on JJ’s program!



Day 18 – ready and waiting to go on stage to speak – energized and grounded because I’m supporting my physical body with proper nutrition, exercise and rest on the advice of JJ Virgin! (slightly challenged with being able to make good healthy choices eating on the road….)