Lot’s of Food info in these days -(first video I mention that it’s day 12 but it’s really day 13 – I got a little confused about my days!! Ended up making 2 videos for Day 13 – but they go together – kind of like “spaghetti”  and “sauce”!!

Starting with Day 13 – I tried something I’d never made before – I cooked Spaghetti Squash – paired it with sauce from a recipe that JJ provided in her Weightloss Resisitance Guidebook as part of the FAST Track to Fitness…..

Day 14 was all about Ritual and Ceremony – enjoying lunch – creating a sacred space for myself to eat and be mindful….

Day 15 – ON THE HUNT for HIGH FRUCTOSE Corn Syrup – a BIG TOSS IT on JJ’s plan – she has a huge  Toss It list that she provided along with a great STOCK IT list too – made it really easy to cleanse the fridge and refill it with foods that will support the fitness goals.


Days 16-18 coming right up!! (Got a little behind with traveling) Let me know if you are enjoying this expose’ of my progress through JJ’s program!