I’ve just returned from a magnificent journey to Phoenix for the EVOLVE Live Event that was created and dreamed into being by Marcia Bench of  Purposeful Entrepreneur.   The gathering of purpose based entrepreneurs in varying stages business creation and operation combined with the energies of the amazing location served to create a magical and alchemical crucible for some profound shifts for all of the participants – presenters included!

Marcia onstage with some of her Success Story Clients (And a BUNCH Of Orbs!)

The Buttes Marriott Resort in Tempe was the setting for our work – nestled into the heart of a butte – the hotel was just extraordinary and truly deserving of it’s 5 star status.  The service by the hotel staff was nothing short of perfection – every detail was attended to with open hearted enthusiasm and a desire to serve.

Our first day was dedicated to personal evolution.  The event was off to an interesting and energy shifting start with the opening of sacred space which I facilitated and which I’m sure was something of a surprise for the attendees what with my rattling and spraying camay all over the room to each of the directions, Mama Earth and Father Sky.  Then we were treated to the musical talents of the spiritually gifted singer songwriter Charlie Thweatt who was accompanied on one song by Marcia herself.  The day proceeded into a series of explorations for the attendees around those stories stored in their bodies that were keeping them from moving forward in their business or life that were facilitated by Dr. Kirk Prine and his partner Donny Lobree

We closed the day out with an evening Despacho ceremony that I had the honor of leading/facilitating which powerfully wove energetic threads of connection between the group and the Earth upon which we were working.  Each attendee was presented with an autumn leaf, a seed, a flower and a branch of evergreen – the leaf symbolizing that which is dying within them or their business, the seed representing that which is unborn and waiting to germinate, the flower representing the beauty and fragrance already created and needing to be acknowledged and celebrated and finally the evergreen to represent that which is eternal.    All the participants prayed into each of their offerings, using the breath to transmit their intentions and the offerings were laid over a circle of sacred sage for purification and then all tied together in a plain paper bundle.   Everyone was cleansed with the bundle and then we were treated to a bedtime story – The Waif Bunny read to us by the author Donny Lobree.

Lovely Lisa!! What a Million Dollar Smile!

Day 2 was all about evolving the business and in addition to the incredibly rich content provided by Marcia we were also treated to the Juicy Lisa Cherney who presented her speech about Magnetic Marketing and her Stand UP and BE JUICY program.  I was so inspired by her words and work that I signed up myself – I’m all about JUICY!!  At lunch time I was called to make the offering of the despacho to the land – we didn’t have permission to have a fire ceremony so I went to the front desk and asked if it was possible to get a shovel (can you imagine that??!! Here I am at a 5 star resort asking for a shovel!!) The front desk staff was incredibly accommodating after I explained that we’d created a blessing bundle to bless the land and all the people who were connected with it.   They called the head of the landscaping department and he came right to my room with me to get the despacho.  After a lovely talk it was clear to me that this man (who’d only been with the hotel 2 weeks) was the perfect steward to take our blessed bundle and find the EXACT perfect spot on the land to bury this gift to the Pachamama – as I handed over the bundle after giving him the burial instructions and a blessing too I noticed his name – How Perfect!! – right there on his breast pocket – Rafael!! (Now if you can’t trust a blessing bundle to the Archangel Raphael – Archangel of Healing – then who can you trust!)

Later that day we were treated to a much too brief presentation by my new friend Michele

Michele PW Doing what she does BEST!! Writing!!

PW – she’s the QUEEN of Copywriting and is the writer who has been responsible for multiple six figure product launches for some of the biggest names in the internet marketing/coaching/transformational training industry.  A lightworker with words she’s almost single handedly shifted the copywriting communications away from the hard sell of old to the new paradigm of selling through connecting rather than commanding.   I had the distinct pleasure of sharing dinner with her that night too!

Day three was our opportunity to contemplate the evolution of our world – Marcia led us on a visionary journey that revealed a path of purposeful entrepreneurship in service to the higher good of all – and with the group gathered there I have NO doubt that the results of our time together will have a significant impact on the new emerging paradigm of conscious entrepreneurship that Marcia (and I) were there to champion.  After lunch and some more musical treats I was granted the opportunity to take the stage – it’s been a long time since I’ve been on a stage to speak – and it was so gratifying to have the opportunity to co-create both a healing experience for the participants as well as financial abundance for myself!

Check out the new POWER NECKLACE the "upstairs team" had waiting for me there!

After getting the peeps up to dance to Drum Sex, a segment of personal story telling, 3 light body sound healings and a group hug I took the last 10 minutes or so to present my new program.  The CORE Path is a small group intensive experience that will commence on December 15 – I was blessed to have several people answer their own CALL to EVOLVE and step forward to engage in the Great Work with me.  I still have a few slots left – I have limited this program to no more than 12 people because the intent is that we are going to go very deep as well as wide with our work – combining energy shifting principals and practices with entrepreneurial/small business operational guidance in order to facilitate the ability for the leaders who commit to this program to LEAP Fearlessly into their next level of service.

What a blessing the entire experience was, for me, for the participants, for the other speakers and presenters and also (of course) for the Spirit of the Land – when I was in the elevator late on the 2nd day – a man got on with me and asked if my bundle was taken care of – I didn’t recognize him and he identified himself as the Director of Sales – I then said yes that the bundle had been well stewarded and the prayers of our whole group were being buried to bless the land – his response??? “That’s great – it’s about time the curse was lifted from this place!”  As I departed I smiled – the ancestors were dancing a happy dance and the land was feeling the love once again.