Blazing Forth the Light Radio Debuts this Friday Nov 20:  Manifesting Money with Guest Andrea Hess of Empowered Soul

Join me for my inaugural radio show and connect with my friend and BRILLIANT businesswoman Andrea Hess of Empowered Soul as we Talk about MANIFESTING MONEY! Andrea is a Money Manifesting Expert and financial alchemist. Just being around her has significantly amped up my own ability to Manifest and who wouldn’t like to learn how to create more Money in their life!! Andrea is also a HIGHLY gifted psychic and founder/creator of the Empowered Soul and Soul Realignment and she’s just a TOTAL JOY to be around – won’t you join us? PS: At the tale end of the show I’ll also be sharing some insights and takeaways from the recent EVOLVE live event for conscious entrepreneurs that I attended and spoke at in Phoenix last week!

Friday, Nov 20, 2009 4 p.m. Eastern