Well I’ve made it to the half way point  in the 21 days and am still incorporating things into my program – JJ has several supplement suggestions for us as base line supplements – I haven’t quite remembered to take them 3 times a day but am working on it!  I’m definitely enjoying experimenting with different smoothie recipes!

I missed my weekly weigh & measure by a day – here’s the results!! Woo Hoo!!

It was pretty interesting what happened when I posted my weigh in on You Tube on Day 3 – I got a comment RIGHT AWAY from someone – here it is:

i dont believe u…only 135…u look 150-160lbs

I have to tell you when I got that comment a lot of thoughts went through my head – first was “Wow That’s NICE (NOT!)” – second was – “Why would someone want to do that to another person?” – third was -“Here I am letting it all hang out – why the heck would someone think I was lying??”  and finally after taking a few deep cleansing breaths and getting my self clear, centered and balanced again I realized “This person’s comment has nothing to do with me and so I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing and not get ruffled by someone’s uninformed opinions.”  I also realized it was an opportunity for me to make an alternative choice – to bless the person and to observe how MY OWN MIND got going and started to engage and also to observe that getting caught up in other peoples opinions is a really easy way to waste mental energy and lose focus on what’s best for you.  I was also inspired to take this whole exercise in transparency to the next level and so when I did got on the scale this week I had the camera pointing right at it!  So THANK you johnzz22 for your gifts to me!

Day 12 I went out for some all natural no preservatives added Sunshine provided Vitamin D – am also enjoying getting moving a lot more – after spending a lot of time sitting at the computer it’s been really good for me to get out and move around – since winter is knocking and I’ll be in a lot more very shortly I’ve been trying to get outside walks in whenever possible.