One of the things I’ m realizing about JJ’s Program is how incredibly THOROUGH it is!  She’s included so many things in our starter kit including her “Overcoming Weight Loss Resistance” guidebook – I was fortunate enough to receive my starter kit at Lisa Sasevich’s event where I enrolled so I was ahead of the game because I was able to read the whole guidebook on my plane trip back from San Diego!   One of the things I like about this program is that JJ has an EXTENSIVE scientific (biochemistry) background and she’s also practical as well as passionate about her mission and her message.

Recording our food as well as our thoughts and experiences in a journal is one of the pieces of the puzzle that we are encouraged to start right away. Writing down everything that goes in your mouth certainly raises your consciousness about what’s going in!

“BREAKFAST IS THE MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF THE DAY!”  remember Mom telling you that? Well JJ sound’s just like mom when she’s speaking about breakfast – both live and in her book.  One of the recommended breakfast foods is steel cut oatmeal – this oatmeal is kind of funny looking – almost looks like some sort of “pet bedding” that you might put in a gerbil or hamster cage!  It takes quite a while to cook – but when it’s done it’s really good – belly filling and a bit chewy – not at ALL like those little sugar filled packets of rolled oats that have a funny looking guy with a Quaker hat on his head.  I like to put Goji Berries in mine – haven’t checked out Goji’s with JJ yet – she does say raisins (sparingly!) are ok – and she suggests adding vanilla and cinnamon which I haven’t tried yet.  I’ve also picked up some Almond milk – (JJ doesn’t really go for soy or regular dairy) – I put a little of that on top and it’s really quite a yummy bowl of breakfast!

Here we are having breakfast again – when I make my oatmeal I usually go exercise while it’s cooking and I also make enough for 2 bowls so the next morning I have a ready breakfast that I can quickly warm up and eat.  JJ’s BIG on fiber!    Lot’s and lot’s of fiber and along with that lot’s and lot’s of water to help move through all that fiber on a REGULAR basis! One of the many goodies that came for us in the starter kit was a container of Paleofiber.  I added this to the oatmeal both mornings.  Staying Regular is important!!