Getting enough SLEEP is a cornerstone of JJ’s program – so I allowed myself time to get caught up on Day 4!



Well I certainly got some good “guidance” before I left for San Diego because the weekend before my trip I went on a cleaning FRENZY – both my son and I dropped things on the floor as we were taking them out of the fridge and there was a HUGE mess that needed to be cleaned up in there – so I took everything out and got rid of a BUNCH of old stuff that I wasn’t using and was going to go bad.  When I returned I had a nice almost empty fridge to fill with fresh veggies and fruits so I was able to easily jump right onto JJ Virgin’ s program.

One of the first things she recommends is to toss out a lot of things that have ingredients that are really not in service to your body – like High Fructose Corn Syrup.  You’d be AMAZED by all the places where that stuff shows up!  I’ve discovered I still have some cleaning to do in both the fridge and the pantry!  She’s got lots of good things to put IN to your body including Thin Stix!

Of course no fitness program would be complete without some exercise – so I made it to the Gym on Day 6 – I haven’t fully incorporated JJ’s weight training exercises into my routine yet but getting in a good hour of POWER yoga was certainly beneficial to my body and my spirit!  A little sweat is a good thing!  Detoxing for the body.


I’m going to do my best to keep posting every three days or so – keep checking back on progress!