Dear Friends,
You may have heard me refer to my friend Suzanne Falter Barns more than once over the course of the last year – it’s been an amazing journey that we’ve been on together and I am truly grateful beyond words for her presence in my life.  She has been a guiding light around getting my business together on the internet and more importantly in the act of stepping up to really promoting my self, my work and my business on a much bigger stage.
I’m delighted to have the pleasure of hosting Suzanne this Wednesday night November 4 at 7 PM  ET on a F.R.E.E. Call where she’ll be sharing some of her hottest and hookiest tips with you!
It’s called ‘What’s Your Perfect Hook?’
(And yep, we sure will be recording it if you can’ t make it … but
do try. You might get to be one of the folks that Suzanne picks to coach on the call!)
Here’s the drill on the call details directly from Suzanne:
Please don’t miss this call … cause I’m really on my game right now and dyin’ to share this
stuff with you!
Is the premise of your biz immediately interesting to people? Is it
snappy? Does it have … zing?
That’s what I call a ‘hooky’ business – and it’s pretty much what
makes any successful Net biz hum. AND … it’s a quality any
Internet business can and should have.
(Did you know folks assess your web page in an incredible 1/20th
of a second? That, friend, is why it needs to be hooky!)
In an upcoming freebie call, ‘What’s Your Perfect Hook?’, I’ll be
teaching you how to scan your own niche and offer for that elusive
‘hooky’ quality.
On this utterly and absolutely freebie call, you’re going to:
– Learn what ‘hookiness’ really is and how to get it
– Get fired up by examples of some really hooky businesses that
are thriving
– Analyze several successful hooks with me
– Check out just how hooky YOUR own biz is
>>>>>>>>>> Join us, won’t you? <<<<<<<<<<
Believe it or not, you’ve got a hook that’s just waiting to be born
… you just have to lasso it in and put it to use. Because this is
will make your own business truly thrive.
So let’s get yours cranking, shall we?
See you on the call!

Suzanne Falter-Barns

& Amethyst Wyldfyre
PS:  Suzanne would like me to share this little slide show with you too:
It goes along with the content of this call so be sure to check it out and/or have it available during our call time!