So one of the things I decided to do for myself was to take much better care of my body – the body is the vehicle for the Spirit to create and what we put in for ingredients is really important to be aware of!


Here are three videos tracking what I’ve been doing so far – little shifts make a big difference – same thing is true with Energy Medicine – it’s that tiny little shift that moves mountains in your life.  JJ has the Physical end of the spectrum down pat – I on the other hand have the Spiritual/Energetic down to both an art and a science at this point – now to merge the two into DIVINE UNION!! Woo Hoo!!  Watch me go… – Better Yet – join in the fun – go to JJ’s site and sign up for the November 21 Day Fast Track – there’s still time – I think it starts next Tuesday?? (And just to let you know I’m not an affiliate in this program – she doesn’t have an affiliate program yet that I can see – if you want to let her know I sent you though I’m sure she’d appreciate it!)




Here’s the big weigh in and measure!  Wow look at the lumpy bumpies – what is that called – the “midlife muffin top” – and I don’t even eat muffins! Ack!!  These are certainly not the most flattering clothes that’s for sure – don’t you just love a good tunic……? 

My son LOVES my “Pooh Belly” but for me – it’s time for that to go now!!  Looking forward to being LEAN FOR LIFE!